presidential debates

The Tenth Life of Donald Trump

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

No one has ever spoken so bluntly to Hillary Clinton in her 30 years in politics. The confrontation was long overdue. In an either/or race, Trump at least reminded the audience that he is running as a refutation of the status quo. Hillary still bores with the idea that Obama’s record is fine and her continuance of it will make things even better.

Clinton’s Real Foe in Tonight’s Debate: Fairness

David Catron, The American Spectator

What’s making Hillary's supporters jumpy is that the moderator might actually be fair, and refuse to join Hillary in a tag-team takedown of Trump. They quite literally want Lester Holt to reprise the contemptible role Candy Crowley played in the second 2012 presidential debate.

The Clinton Strategy Behind Liberal Media Attacks On Matt Lauer

The liberal scalding of Matt Lauer by his fellow “journalists” is part of the Clinton’s final 60-day strategy of coordinated attacks on anyone (especially in the media) who questions Hillary Clinton on her vulnerabilities on the email scandal, the foundation scandal, her disastrous decisions on Libya, Benghazi, Iraq, etc.  and was a warning to the rest of the media community and especially to the moderators of the upcoming official Commission on Presidential Debates that impartiality will not be tolerated.

Can Trump master the 'art of the debate?'

Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner

Sources close to Trump confirmed this week that the campaign held its first session focused on debate preparation over the weekend in Bedminster, N.J. According to multiple reports, Trump was given briefing binders and videos of Clinton's Senate debates and primary debates against then-Sen. Barack Obama to review and he is being coached by his new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway.

Your country needs you — to debate

Editors, Washington Examiner

Trump desperately needs voters to reconsider him, and debates probably represent his last and best chance for that. They put him on precisely even ground with the clear front-runner, which in itself gives him a boost, and he will have the chance to defeat her in several hours of prime-time jousting. A decision not to debate would be an effective forfeit of the election.

FLASH! New FedUp PAC Poll Finds Conservatives Want a Debate Limited to Trump and Cruz

By a margin of 67-31% conservatives now say that Donald Trump should accept the challenge from Ted Cruz, allowing them to debate each other without the distraction of other candidates.