professional sports

Our Summer of Cultural Suicide

Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media

Professional sports, universities and the motion picture industry all know that what they are doing is bad for business. But they still believe they are rich and powerful, and thus invulnerable. They also are ignorant of history and cannot be persuaded that they are destroying themselves. All that matters is that the country itself learns from these suicidal examples and heals itself. If the U.S. is not to become an extinct Easter Island, it must rediscover a respect for its past, honor for the dead who gave us so much, the desire to invest rather than spend, and a need for some sense of transcendence.

Which Team Will Be the First?

Larry Thornberry, The American Spectator

I’m too old to put up with BS. I’ll truly miss competitive sports, which have been such a big and rewarding part of my life for seven decades. But I’m not about to choke down ignorant and destructive revolutionary politics (not to mention empty virtue-signaling) as part of the price of the games. Since the Rays began play in Saint Petersville in 1998, I’ve attended about 60 games at the Trop. As long as (Rays owner) Stu and the boys feel obligated to engage in and promote left political causes, with baseball games thrown in to perfume their virtue signaling, then I’ll never see the Trop for a 61st time.