race relations

To End Kenosha, Democrats Must Stop Infantilizing Black People

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Democrats have convinced themselves for years they are doing good for minorities but nothing much has changed for these same minorities—Watts remained Watts—until the dreaded Trump came along and Black and Hispanic unemployment went down to all-time lows. Meanwhile, many Democrats were exercised over the frequent appearances of black people during the GOP convention, including, of course, Senator Tim Scott and Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron. A significant black vote for Trump may force the Dems to reevaluate infantilizing African Americans. Or not.

America’s Problem Is Systemic Liberalism

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Systemic liberalism is the real poison in America’s veins. Structural liberalism is beginning to reflect America. Liberals want an America of terrified conformity, of eternal grievance and hate, where the rights of individuals are crushed if they prove to be an obstacle to liberal rule. Who wants to punish people for their speech? Liberals. Who wants to discriminate among people based on their race? Liberals. And who wants this hate to continue because they see harnessing it as their means to take perpetual power? Liberals. It’s past time to smash systemic liberalism. Get ready to be the backlash.

Exalting Race Rejects American Civil Rights Gospel

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media

The mob is using race and America’s long earnest struggle to rise above as a justification to tear down and replace institutions that have nothing to do with what happened to George Floyd. The answer is simple. Appeal to the goodness of America if you want to improve America. Do what generations of Americans have done before, reject the exaltation of race. Civil rights start with treating people like they have a right to be treated. It means treating everyone with the dignity they deserve, regardless of race. The more the mob, and those the mob has turned into cowards, exalt race, the worse it is going to get.

The High Price of Forgetting

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

On his “verified” Twitter account, Sharpton posted video of himself boarding a private jet en route to Texas for George Floyd’s “final memorial service.” At that memorial, Sharpton invoked scripture (cf., I Peter 2, Psalm 118, and Isaiah 28) to declare that God had chosen Floyd as “the cornerstone of a movement that’s going to change the whole wide world.” What sort of movement is this, and what sort of change does the race-baiting, Jew-hating “Reverend” intend to achieve? Shouldn’t we expect any Sharpton movement to produce deadly hatred like that on display at Freddy's Fashion Mart in 1995?

President Trump Can Win on Race

Karin McQuillan, American Greatness

The Republican colorblind views on race are in line with the finest values of the civil rights era, the great heritage of our founding fathers, and Biblical teachings on equality and the brotherhood of man. Republican values on race would help black Americans flourish and improve their lives. We would all work together towards a harmonious and fair America, instead of setting each group against the other, as Democrats do. If liberal and older Democrats really understood the way Democrats have changed the meaning of “racism” they would no longer believe Democrat assertions that all Republicans are racist. They would realize that they side more with Republicans on equality, fairness, and race.

The 50 years since MLK's assassination

Editors, Washington Examiner

Fifty years ago this evening, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Since then, the nation has changed dramatically, and with respect to race relations, mostly for the better. The clearest evidence of this is that no one under the age of 50 today can fathom the society King was working to change. They are puzzled that anyone could have felt and expressed such open hatred and contempt for their fellow man just on the basis of his skin color.

Bill O’Reilly Was Right

To the Soros-funded Far-Left “white” does not mean a person of the Caucasian race. “White” in radical construction means anyone of any race, creed, nationality, color, sex, or sexual preference who embraces the beliefs, such as capitalism and American exceptionalism, which to the radical Left are irredeemably evil and anyone who aligns with them is “white” in spirit and thus guilty of “white crimes.”

Trump outsmarts media as he sets sights on Obama’s divisive, racialist policies

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Race relations in this country have not been this ugly and strained in decades. The president’s divisive, racialist language and posture throughout his presidency has set the country back many, many painful years. Now we have a new president. He sweeps into office with a clear and bold mandate from the people.

Colin Kaepernick, bench warmer

Editors, Washington Examiner

It's probably no coincidence that Kaepernick has developed his loud, publicity-gleaning social conscience just when his team is thinking of cutting him for playing badly. If he is booted by the 49ers, he can console himself and tell others that it's retribution for his brave stand — er, sit — for justice.

Sheriff Clarke: Obama is hallucinating on improving race relations

Michael W. Chapman, CNS News

As for President Barack Obama’s claim that his presidency has helped “mobilize America on behalf of issues of racial disparity,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. said the opposite is true and Obama is “hallucinating if he thinks he has improved race relations in America.”

Conservatives Plan Pro-Police Rally in NC

Associated Press Staff

A pair of conservative activists in Asheville is planning a rally to show support for police officers. Former Buncombe Cty. Repub. Party Chairman Chad Nesbitt & former Asheville City Councilman Carl Mumpower say this week's rally is designed to counter recent protests in the city.

Scholars Say “The Butler” Gets Reagan Wrong on Race

We agree with Craig Shirley, Kiron K. Skinner, Steven F. Hayward and Paul Kengor – films like “The Butler” can be good opportunities for a healthy consideration of our troubled racial history, but not if they persist with inaccurate portrayals of President Reagan's record and personal views.

Zimmerman Should've Never Been Tried

Patrick J. Buchanan, Human Events

We've just seen the prosecution of an innocent man for murder because the politically powerful demanded it.