Obama Overtime Order Is Soros-Funded Pet Project

Aaron Klein, WND

A George Soros-funded economic institute has been one of the main advocates for requiring companies to pay more overtime to workers. The Obama directive is seen as another income-redistribution effort.

Exec. Tyranny: The Problem's Bigger Than Obama

Bruce Thornton, Front Page Magazine

Obama is just the extreme version of a widespread belief among many in both parties that an enormous, intrusive federal regulatory and redistributionist regime is necessary for “solving problems” that in fact are best left to individuals and state and local government.

Bailout & Redistribution Scam 2014 – Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know

Little Tboca, Red State

Hidden in Obamacare is a neat little guarantee written for insurers. Charles Krauthammer said, “that buried deep in the ACA is a 'large government bailout' to cover up to 80% as insurance company losses.” Redistribution just crossed our empty plates again Americans.

Obama's Income Inequality Game

Matt K. Lewis, Daily Caller

The fact that his policies won't help -- and might hurt -- is really irrelevant.

Obama Capitalizes on Pope's Words Again

Robert Wilde, Breitbart

Obama is using Pope Francis to foster wealth redistribution ideas in his speeches on the importance of reducing the gap between rich and poor.

Wendy Davis Wants to Redistribute Your Money

Soopermexican, Independent Journal Review

Wendy Davis donated $515 of her $235k income to charity, but wants to redistribute your earnings. The Dems’ abort-happy hope to capture the TX governorship just released her taxes. Despite her wanting to take your money and give it to anyone who signs up to welfare, she didn’t give much herself. 

Obama Defends Redistribution

Chris Stirewalt, Fox News

Obama pivots yet again to the economy. The basic message of his latest economic speech is likely the same old one he has made over the years: the need for more redistribution of wealth to deal with income inequality. While the redistributive properties of ObamaCare are causing mainstream Americans to recoil, redistribution is its cardinal virtue to many on the left.