Protesters must back reform rather than defunding the police

Editors, Washington Examiner

There are plenty of actions that could be taken to help address the complaints about the police that can make a real difference. Among these are reining in police unions to allow bad officers to be held accountable and providing better training to officers on how to de-escalate tense situations. But such meaningful reforms will only be made possible if protesters abandon untenable positions that alienate potential allies and empower opponents of change on the one hand and social revolutionaries on the other. Demonstrators, in other words, need to be willing to take “yes” for an answer, not defund.

Paul Ryan at the Center of DC’s Culture of Lies

The Wisconsin Republican primary election is tomorrow, August 9. We urge limited government constitutional conservatives and all other voters in Wisconsin Congressional District 1 who want a Congressman who represents the interests of American workers and their families to go to the polls tomorrow, August 9, and vote for Paul Nehlen to replace Paul Ryan as their Representative in Congress.

$944,143,000,000: Soc. Sec. Admin. Spending Hit Record in FY2015

Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News

The $944,143,000,000 spent by the Social Security Administration in fiscal 2015 equaled about $6,345 for each of the 148,800,000 persons in the country with a job as of September. It equaled about $7,749 for each of the 121,839,000 people with a full-time job.

Midwestern Blueprint for the GOP

Jim Vanderhei, Politico

Several Republican governors are showing how to reform government and remain popular with voters.