regulatory state

Don't Regulate the Rail Industry

Stephen Moore, CNS News

Back in the late 1970s, when the airlines were deregulated, Alfred Kahn, also known as the "father of airline deregulation," shut his agency down after airlines were allowed to set their prices. It was a clever way to ensure that the regulations would never come back. The Trump administration may want to do the same with the transportation board, which is now trying to justify its existence by bringing back the 1970s regulatory structures. We suspect that some of the shipping industry's customers may be behind the call for price controls to squeeze lower prices out of the rail industry. The rail industry should be celebrated, not punished, for its economic progress and its return to profitability.

How to Annihilate U.S. Socialism and Force Washington to Listen

The socialist movement eliminated Christianity in government and education because they know what our Founders knew. Only a moral society can be a free society.  Without a Christian moral foundation, America devolves into more offenses and violence, which leads to more elitists and tighter state control.