reopen economy

Confirmed: 'Some people are making more money by not working.'

While some workers are turning down jobs because they’re worried about getting sick or infecting family members or because they don’t have child care, others are flat-out telling employers they’re making more money safe at home collecting unemployment. Fifteen days to flatten the curve morphed into five months off work at more than your regular pay, to -- if Democrats get their way -- a full year of watching TV on the taxpayers’ tab.

Conservative Leaders: End Perverse Incentives Keeping Workers Home

No matter the dearth of local COVID cases or the establishment’s strict safety precautions, expanded unemployment benefits, including a $600 a week COVID "bonus," have incentivized some employees to refuse to return to work. Now, a group of conservative leaders has penned an open letter to Republicans in Congress and President Trump urging them to fix the policies that encourage workers to stay off the job.

Support Trump 's Plans to Jumpstart the Economy and Get Americans Back to Work

Contrary to what Democrats clearly want – which is to increase the economic damage and misery – President Trump has begun to implement a bold plan of regulatory relief to jumpstart the economy and get Americans back to work. If if your Governor still has your state lockeddown call him or her to demand that the economy of your state be reopened. To send a letter to your Senators and Representative and state elected officials go to and use the "Send Letter" tool.

You Only Die Once

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

The media’s fear-mongering has inflicted serious damage. Death is not just a statistic in epidemiology, it is the ultimate in “social distancing.” You only die once, and death rather drastically reduces your chance of spreading infection. We do not know enough about this disease yet to be able to predict who will get infected, or which among those infected will get sick or die. Nor do we know why some infected people never get symptoms. What we do know is that, so far, ending the statewide lockdown in Georgia has not produced the catastrophe that the media doomsayers predicted. Have they learned anything? Probably not.

Trump, Biden, and the Coronavirus Coup

Matthew Boose, American Greatness

Consider the last several weeks a test run for the Biden regency, a preview of what America might look like if, and when, rule by the “managers” becomes a permanent, irreversible fact. Joe Biden, the first presidential candidate in history who, everyone knows, would not actually be running the country, would herald the completion of America’s decline. His candidacy spells the obvious: the ruling elite are finished with keeping up appearances. They feel entitled to power. A resounding victory for Biden would ratify that Americans approve of their expert overlords that they’d rather be ruled than rule themselves.

Some Things Will Never Be the Same After the Chinese Coronavirus

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

The pandemic will not change some things much at all. But other things are another story. Some things were changing anyway, and this body blow is going to accelerate the trends towards creative destruction as old ways of doing things fade away quicker than expected and new ones come to the forefront. No, this is not an epic disaster like a famine, earthquake or plague of frogs, but it is also not nothing. And when the Big One hits – a really bad virus, an asteroid, a leftist administration that declares war on freedom-loving citizens and tries to make us serfs – then maybe we’ll be confident in our ability to face the challenge and emerge victoriously.