Republican convention

Two Conventions, Two Starkly Different Views of Nation

Caitlin Huey-Burns, Real Clear Politics

Two weeks of back-to-back political party conventions presented visions so starkly different it would seem like Cleveland and Philadelphia existed on alternate planes. It is difficult for the party in power to argue for changing course -- particularly one asking for a third term -- while the insurgency campaigns for a new direction. But this is also an unconventional year, and voters assessing the two campaigns in the middle of a long and tumultuous summer are sending messages of their own.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Crooked Hillary brings down the house on the final night of the DNC

Hillary Clinton’s tired speech on the final night of the Democrat National Convention closed out a tumultuous week for the party nominee. Plus, Why undecided voters will eventually choose Donald Trump; #NeverTrump media gets an “A” for their English papers, but what about the election?; Trump admits it’s personal with the non-stop bash fest that was the Democrat convention, and, Is Mitt Romney about to endorse a pro-abortion, pro-marijuana candidate?

What Last Week’s RNC Rules Fight Was (and Wasn’t) About

Ken Cuccinelli, The Bull Elephant

Importantly, none of our proposed amendments had anything whatsoever to do with the unbinding of delegates in 2016 – which seemed to be the only story reported in the media, despite its wild inaccuracy (yes, I know it’s shocking, but apparently there aren’t many in the media interested in getting the story right if it doesn’t fit their more exciting narrative…).