Bari Weiss exposes how The Times has gone astray

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Groupthink now dominates the paper’s coverage from front to back and readers are encouraged to obey, not think. If Sulzberger is looking for someone to blame, he should grab a mirror. His firing of opinion editor James Bennet last month was a green light to the Twitter mob that the publisher would bow before it, no matter how outlandish the demands. Weiss is absolutely right, which is why I have been saying the Times no longer functions as an actual newspaper. Its “mission” is to rewrite the story of America, one that dovetails with the paper’s obsession with race, gender and every new form of identity politics.

Katie Hill may scold, but she's not a victim

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Make no mistake: The furious spin to cast her resignation as one of enforced victimhood because of photographs and misogyny is simply the preferred narrative to explain away the implosion of a newly elected candidate. This is, in reality, a story about judgment and character, and the lack thereof. Ultimately, we are reminded on a daily basis that the Democratic Party and feminism of the last century delivered the cancer of identity politics to our nation. They have forgotten that the American people want leadership, not slogans and symbols. We want solutions to the issues we face as normals, not scolds blaming us for their failures.

Mitch McConnell Calls for the Destruction of the Republican Party

A two year deal that effectively takes spending off the table as an issue in the 2016 presidential campaign would be a disaster for Republicans because they would once again be complicit in the Obama-led tsunami of spending, deficits and debt that are wrecking the American economy.

Boehner’s failures lead to resignation

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

At a minimum, conservative members want to see their convictions articulated by the leadership and to fight the left with conviction in hopes that getting their positions heard will influence voters. Instead, in too many instances, conservatives have seen their views ignored and the Republican leadership in both houses knuckle under to Democrats out of fear of being called names or getting blamed for a government shutdown.