Pope Francis: Resign, and Let Pope Benedict Return from Retirement

By Richard A. Viguerie and Mark Fitzgibbons
Prominent Catholic laymen Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of and attorney Mark J. Fitzgibbons call for Pope Francis to resign the Papcy over the growing sex abuse scandal and its cover-up within the Catholic Church. Viguerie and Fitzgibbons urge Pope Benedict to come out of retirement to lead the Church in this time of crisis.

109 Conservative Leaders Demand Prompt Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation

In a statement released through the Conservative Action Project 109 leaders of the conservative movement demanded that the Senate promptly confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh so the Supreme Court will have a full complement of nine sitting justices when the next term of the Court begins on October 1, 2018.

Democrats’ Anti-Catholic Bigotry On Kavanaugh Will Cost Them In November

In the near term, months of televised Anti-Catholic bias from Democrats as they try to block the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh could solidify the Catholic voting trend demonstrated in the 2016 election, giving Republicans a huge advantage in the 2018 midterm and 2020 presidential elections.

Trump Appoints Kavanaugh Liberals Go Nuts

While liberals are going nuts making Judge Brett Kavanaugh out to be a rightwing ideologue, his record tells a different story of a judge committed to applying the law and the Constitution as written. That may be a radical idea to liberals and Democrats, but it is the view that held sway in our judiciary for almost 150 years.

Trump Narrows SCOTUS Choices To Three

The nomination of the next Supreme Court Justice may be the most important decision of the Trump presidency and will define President Trump’s legacy for generations to come. We urge President Trump to choose a nominee who will be not just good, but great in the mold of Justice Antonin Scalia, and the potential nominee who most fits that profile is Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Justice Anthony Kennedy's career gave conservatives a lot of mixed feelings

Nicole Russell, Washington Examiner

Justice Anthony Kennedy has consistently angered and surprised conservatives in his career serving on the Supreme Court since President Ronald Reagan nominated him in 1987. Kennedy quickly developed a reputation for being the “swing” vote on many landmark decisions, causing anxiety among conservatives who feared he would trample on the Constitution with his liberal interpretation. Conservatives may not always have agreed with Justice Anthony Kennedy’s decisions, but he did surprise on many occasions, and he served faithfully for 30 years.

Justice Kennedy Retires: Beware The Souter Mistake

Justice Scalia was noted for upholding the rule of law, respecting the proper role of the judiciary, and acknowledging the separation of powers. Unlike Justice Souter, he was never sidetracked by trying to appease or please his progressive colleagues in their pursuit of political correctness over the constitutional rule of law.

An Unfond Farewell to Un-statesman Orrin Hatch

Michelle Malkin, Real Clear Politics

"Statesman" isn't a titled earned by mere length of service. It's not a cheap status conferred like an AARP card or IHOP senior discount. A politician who notches decades of frequent flyer miles back and forth between Washington and his "home" state, enjoying the endless perks of incumbency, does not acquire statesmanship by perpetual re-election and political self-aggrandizement.

Why Haters Hate Michele Bachmann

Patrick O’Hannigan, American Spectator

In the age of political correctness, any telegenic leader who questions liberalism must be ridiculed.