revisions to the US Constitution

Idaho Eyes Amending Constitution

Austin Hill,

“Our Legislature had the bills ready to go 3 years ago, but the far right defeated it,” said a lawyer. “It’s a shame that our Founding Fathers provided the means to amend our U.S. Constitution, yet some in Idaho and across the country are afraid to utilize those very mechanisms provided for reigning-in the excesses of the national gov't.”

Constitutional Convention Returns Power to The People

Cal Thomas, Washington Examiner

IN Repub. state Sen. David Long is promoting an unused section of the Constitution as the ultimate check on big government. Article V provides two paths to amending the Constitution.

Bozell: Levin to the Rescue

L. Brent Bozell III, Townhall

Mark Levin's new book may be just what we need. He calls for a constitutional revision that limits the powers of Congress and SCOTUS.