Robert Mueller testimony

Does a Guilty Conscience Explain Mueller's Fumbling Testimony?

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Robert Mueller has a guilty conscience. He should. And not just because Peter Strzok texted to his paramour what feels like decades ago that there was "no there there." Anyone with an IQ in the proverbial triple digits has known that for a long time. Remember that a guilty conscience can lead to depression, which, it is well known, shuts down the brain. Time and illness obviously can account for a man's decline, but also circumstances. Mueller knew how his reputation was going to be destroyed. It's the old link between the mind and the body. Almost every one of us has seen this among people we know.

With Collusion Collapse, Public Loses Interest in Mueller Theatrics

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

Equivocal proof of obstruction in an investigation that was not actually impeded, into a crime that did not actually happen, is not going to grab the public’s interest – not after the collusion let down, not after Democrats and the media have convinced the country that their rabid opposition to Trump is transparently political, and not when the country is dealing with other more pressing matters and the 2020 election is looming. America has moved on. Democrats are at the point where continuing to press the Mueller probe hurts them more than it hurts the president. We’re going through the motions. Loudly, sure, but still just going through the motions.

Dems take desperate final shot at Trump with Mueller testimony

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Pelosi's strategy of letting the ­impeachment caucus investigate in hopes of pushing up general public support hasn’t substantially moved the needle. That leaves the Dems desperate for Mueller to give them something new, even a stray sentence or two, that they can spin into a web of impeachment. Keep that desperation in mind as Nadler, Schiff and others fulminate and make outlandish charges in hopes of gaining support for the decisions they’ve already made. Some in the GOP are eager to get Mueller under oath so they can ask pointed questions about things his report doesn’t address. There will be lots of shouting, acrimony and histrionics but when the TV lights are turned off, nothing will have changed.