San Ysidro

'Are You Comfortable Tear-Gassing Children?'

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

All NBC wanted here was tabloid-ish anti-Trump propaganda — that Trump is "comfortable with tear-gassing children." What prompted the tear gas is unimportant. In fact, it sounds worse for Trump when you fake your news by excluding it. Creating chaos — and "iconic" photos — was the point of the caravan organizers. It's emotionally manipulative to the core, and the actual context of the photo only gets in the way of the propaganda. This isn't "Nightly News." It's a mudslinging political advertisement.

Trump Wins The First Battle Of San Ysidro

While the troops are defending the southern border, there is another battle going on in Washington over funding the border wall and it remains to be seen if Republicans in the House and Senate will have the same resolve to win that battle that the President displayed at San Ysidro.