school security

A good guy with a gun stops a school shooting

Katie Pavlich, The Hill

A good guy with a gun is a valid solution to fighting those who want to harm students, teachers and administrators in America’s schools. Protecting institutions of learning requires competent, courageous officers and staff who are willing to act. These individuals should be given the green light to engage when evil walks through the classroom door. Failing to fight back or engage a threat is not a viable or responsible option.

Florida School Shooting Was Not a Gun Problem, But a Security Problem

Dr. Richard Land, CNS News

A security guard who isn’t armed in today’s society is as useless as an electric fence with the power turned off. Our schools should have armed and trained security guards to protect our children and our teachers. Let me be clear, I am not talking about arming students, but arming those who are charged with protecting students.

“We” Aren’t Responsible for Solving the World’s Problems

Does the UN's Gordon Brown really believe that the Islamist terrorists of Boko Haram would have stopped if confronted by cameras, gates, and guards, let alone an international declaration? The group has prospered by defeating Nigeria’s security forces in combat. What’s going on in Nigeria and in so many other war-ravaged states is tragic, however, Brown and others like him should bring their ambitions back to earth.