When it’s finally a friendly ‘adios’ to California

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

If California really wants to say goodbye, there’s a way close at hand, which is closing in on the land of fruits and nuts already. The government in Washington could extract all the military bases and the high technology from Silicon Valley and send it to Texas. The departing middle class is on its way there already, and California would be turned back to Mexico. Hasta la vista, amigos.

Can California do what the Confederacy couldn’t?

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

In the chance that California secessionists succeed, and there’s no Abraham Lincoln to step forward to “save the union,” someone would owe an apology to Robert E. Lee (and should restore those statues at once). If nothing recedes like success, we can look to the past to see that nothing recedes like an attempt to secede, either. It’s too soon to dig up Confederate money.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Wakes Up

While things are far from perfect at DOJ conservatives can take heart that the Attorney General has forcefully taken on one of the most important challenges facing the Trump presidency and constitutional government; California’s “sanctuary” for illegal aliens policies.

Is California Cracking Up?

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Buying a home on the California coast is nearly impossible. The state budget can only be balanced through constant tax hikes. Finding a good, safe public school is difficult. Building a single new dam during the California drought to capture record runoff water in subsequent wet years proved politically impossible. No matter. Many Californians consider those existential problems to be a premodern drag, while they dream of postmodern trains, the legalization of pot-growing — and seceding from the United States of America.

Is It Time For An American Exit, Or Amexit, From The Union?

Over the last century, in particular, power and authority have inexorably flowed into Washington. As a result, people’s liberties and states’ responsibilities have shrunk dramatically. So much for the fabled Land of Liberty.