Suicidal Fossil Fuels Exec Hosts Biden Fundraiser

You can take your pick from our reasons why a fossil fuels executive would host a fundraiser for Joe Biden, or add your own, but one thing is for sure, Andrew Goldman IS a fossil fuels executive and he has his reasons for backing Biden.

Tell The Social Justice Warrior Mobs To Go Pound Sand

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

We Republicans should be different. We should be a party both of standards and forgiveness, of perspective and judgment, not of cowardly concessions to mobs out to crucify Catholic kids for smirkcrimes in the face of drum-beating fake ‘Nam vets. The next time the SJWs come to us with some ridiculous demand to sacrifice one of our own on their altar of arbitrary outrage, we should tell them to put on their pounding gear and head to the beach. Are we going to tolerate being ruled by a mob of hipster doofuses with no upper body strength? Let's not.