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Dem Debate: America’s Urban Poor Out – Illegal Aliens In

Last night’s debate offered little hope to America’s most desperate citizens and showed that having booked the African American vote, inner city African Americans are now just dust in the Democrats' rearview mirror, they’ve now moved on to servicing illegal aliens in the hopes of obtaining a new cohort of desperate clients eager for socialism’s phantom rewards.

Dem Debate: After #OrangeManRacist Democrats Have Nothing But Your Money

Other than two brief moments of lucidity from Montana Governor Steve Bullock and former Rep. John Delaney, the Democratic Debate was mostly a bizarre combination of charges that Donald Trump is a racist and promises of free stuff for everyone paid for by imaginary gazillionaires.

Black Folks Don’t Need Reparations — We’re Doing Well On Our Own

Candace Owens, Daily Caller

Democrats don’t actually care about justice, fairness, or any of the other noble principles they constantly invoke in their public comments. The real purpose of holding this conversation about reparations is to reinforce the Democrats’ hold on the African American vote in advance of a critical election that most people expect will be decided by the slimmest of margins. It also promotes the Democratic Party dogma that the redistribution of wealth by a vast and powerful central government is how our society should be structured. Black Americans don’t need reparations — or any of the other destructive policies Democrats use to keep us dependent on their supposedly benevolent protection. We’re doing better than ever right now.

At 750,000 Dead, Was the Price of Union Too High?

Doug Bandow, The American Spectator

When it comes to secession, the one and most obviously beneficial outcome of the war was actually unplanned. At the outset abolition was rejected by almost everyone, north and south. Preserving the Union simply wasn’t a moral cause. It didn’t warrant mass slaughter. In June 1864 the ultimate denouement of the Civil War approached. Once the Confederacy’s most effective army and talented general were stuck defending Petersburg, defeat was inevitable. Soon racial problems and conflict would shift back to the political realm. There never was any adequate justification for either secession or coercion, which together tragically turned northern Virginia into an open air abattoir in Spring 1864.

Democrats Plan Votes On Slave Reparations Bill

We urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Representative (the toll-free Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044), tell your Representative you agree with Barack Obama, slave reparations are unconstitutional on their face, and demand that your Representative vote NO on H.R. 40 or any other slave reparations bill that comes before the House.

Washington Post Labels Louis Farrakhan A 'Far Right Leader'

The Washington Post yesterday reported that Nation of Islam leader “Minister” Louis Farrakhan and other “far right” leaders, including Alex Jones of InfoWars, have been banned for life from Facebook. Since when are Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam on the political right?

Reparations: Another Cynical Racial Ploy from the Democrats

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Human suffering knows no racial, ethnic, or religious barriers. As we all know, it's everywhere. But that doesn't stop the Democrats from ignoring the famous advice of Gandhi ("An eye for an eye and the world will die") and fanning those reparation flames again. In a nauseating display, one after the other of their 2020 candidates stepped forward to be blessed in his or her fealty to reparations by that racist of racists—who can forget Tawana Brawley—the Reverend Al Sharpton at his National Action Network convention in NYC. Watching the video of the event, you have the sensation you are watching a form of ritual dumb show.

The Left’s Latest Demand: Race-Based Reparations

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

One need not be a cynic to suspect Elizabeth Warren's motivation. Her claim to be an American Indian angered Native Americans, and she would like to mollify them, and ingratiate herself with African-Americans, who constitute more than 60 percent of all Democratic voters in the crucial South Carolina Primary. By pushing for compensatory reparations, Warren and Kamala Harris may be helping themselves, but they are further splitting their party along the lines of ethnicity and race and elevating an issue certain to divide their country more than it already is.