slow US economic growth

How the U.S. Can Return to 4% Growth

Glenn Hubbard And Kevin Warsh, WSJ

Economic growth in real terms is averaging a meager 2.2% annual rate in the 23 quarters since the recession’s trough in June 2009. The consensus forecast of about 1% growth for the first half of this year offers little solace.Americans need not be resigned to such a dim fate.

Obamanomics Still Destroying Economy: 2.2 percent growth, corporate profits fall


Gross domestic product expanded at a 2.2 percent annual rate, unrevised from last month's forecast, the Commerce Department said on Friday in its third GDP estimate. The economy grew at a 5 percent rate in the third quarter. The government also reported that after-tax corporate profits fell at a 1.6 percent rate in the fourth quarter, as a strong dollar dented the earnings of multinational corporations.