South Carolina primary

An Ugly Campaign Comes to a Head in South Carolina

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

It’s all fitting that this toxic situation is coming to head tomorrow in South Carolina, a state that is infamous for its bare-knuckled and underhanded brand of politics. It’s only right that candidates should have to prove their ability to emerge from this gauntlet before punching their ticket for Super Tuesday.

New Fed Up PAC Poll: Conservatives Say Trump Strong But Not Unbeatable

Many conservatives remain concerned that an establishment candidate may yet emerge, with only 44% believing that a defeat in South Carolina would cause Bush, Rubio or Kasich to get out of the race.  A 56% majority say that it is still possible that an establishment candidate will displace conservative Ted Cruz as Trump's chief rival.

FedUp PAC Poll: Battle In SC Is Between Cruz And Trump

Conservatives are not impressed by John Kasich’s second-place finish in New Hampshire.  Only 21% believe he can claim this as any kind of victory, and only 9% see him as the favorite in South Carolina.  Trump is expected by 51% to carry South Carolina, while 21% say Cruz will come in first.