Supreme Court vacancy

Republican Senate should vote on any new Supreme Court nomination this year

Editors, Washington Examiner

Here were McConnell’s exact words when announcing his stance against hearings for Garland: “You’d have to go back to 1888, when Grover Cleveland was in the White House, to find the last time a Senate of a different party from the president confirmed a nominee for the Supreme Court in an election year.” And: “A nominee of a Republican president would not be confirmed by a Democratic Senate when the vacancy was created in a presidential election year. That’s a fact.” There is no “Merrick Garland standard” that applies when partisan control is not divided. If a high-court opening occurs this year, President Trump and the Republican Senate have been entrusted by voters to fill it.

Supreme Court Vacancy An Opening For Ted Cruz

Matt Flegenheimer, The New York Times

In the throes of a circuslike campaign season, Mr. Cruz warned sternly on Monday that “two branches of government are at stake” in the presidential election, and he described his work as solicitor general before the nation’s highest court and offered a detailed primer on a “radical pro-abortion extremist” judge who happens to be Donald J. Trump’s sister.