The Elites’ War on the Deplorables

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

Has Sarah Jeong ever worked welding alongside the grandchildren of Dust Bowl diaspora to adjudicate their actual skin-colored advantage? Did her class and gender studies work at Harvard Law constitute a tougher curriculum than a 12-hour shift at Denny’s? Is the soybean jack-of-all-trades farmer really denser than the Yale English major? A final irony. In answer to the now hackneyed question, who or what created Trump? All these purveyors of class and racial prejudice need only look in the mirror.

The Republican Party Controls Government’s Three Branches – ‘So What?’

Allen West, CNS News

This is what we seek from the GOP. We want to know, when will the indictments be issued? When will these aforementioned individuals find themselves heading to jail? We want to know why there is a system of justice for us, but a different one for these people? We want the corruption, cronyism, nepotism, and dishonor of “the swamp” to be ended.

The Washington Cartel

Jay Cost, National Review

It would be nice if one guy like Mark Halperin was responsible for the dysfunction in Washington, D.C. That would make for an easy fix. But it is just not true. The problem gets down to power relations that systematically favor certain interests and worldviews over others, and a broader electorate that is unwilling to bear the burdens of citizenship required to reform it.

How to Annihilate U.S. Socialism and Force Washington to Listen

The socialist movement eliminated Christianity in government and education because they know what our Founders knew. Only a moral society can be a free society.  Without a Christian moral foundation, America devolves into more offenses and violence, which leads to more elitists and tighter state control.

Lawyers, witches, broomsticks, and the swamp

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

An ambitious special counsel can keep a client paying out for years, and the U.S. government is the best client of all because it’s a bottomless pit of cash, easy for the plucking. Mueller has only to worry that the president could do a Comey on him. Sacking a special prosecutor, or counsel, might be suicide for a president, but Donald Trump is unpredictable.

Trump plays the Outsider Card; Insiders go Bananas

Frank Miele, Daily Inter Lake

In firing Comey, Trump did what virtually everyone had said should be done, and which hypocritically no one in the deep swamp state really wanted him to do. Suddenly, when Comey was gone, the Democrats and the media elite missed him terribly, and they lamented their loss with ashes and sackcloth on every available cable channel.

For Comey, a creature of the swamp, a deserved dunking

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Donald Trump was hired to drain the swamp Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Comey had inhabited for far too long. Now, of course, Mr. Comey has been sacked and the Democrats are losing their minds. None of them seems to think Mr. Comey should not have been fired. They just think he should have been fired sooner. Truth is, they really just think he should have been fired by President Hillary Clinton.

President Trump And The First Robin Of Spring

The moral of the story; not everyone who drops a load of dung on you is your enemy, and not everyone who digs you out is your friend.

You Can’t Drain the Swamp by Giving the Clintons a Pass

Timothy Daughtry, Townhall

It is not necessary for President-elect Trump to push for the investigation of the Clintons or, for that matter, to declare the investigations closed. He simply needs say that the career professionals in the FBI will follow the law without political interference one way or the other. That would send a clear and appropriate message that he is honoring his campaign theme of restoring rule of law to Washington.