Taiwan elections

Taiwan Landslide Signals Bull Market for Democracy

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Trump broke the code, as he has done with so many things, and called Tsai to congratulate her when she won her first presidential election in 2016, an act of de facto recognition. This decision to back democracy on the president’s part was echoed this weekend by his immediate tweet of support—in English and Farsi—for the Iran protestors seeking freedom from their despotic government. (Obama, you may recall, was reluctant to do the same during a previous round of demonstrations.) The year 2020 has begun well for supporters of democracy. Iran and China have been bastions of totalitarianism for decades. Maybe this will be the year we will see that break apart. Stranger things have happened.

Hong Kong’s Example Hangs Over Taiwan’s Election

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Taiwan is holding its presidential election on Jan. 11. Should you, the American reader, be interested? Yes; Reason: China. We all know what’s been going on in Hong Kong—nonstop physically and emotionally demanding protest demonstrations to preserve their autonomy from China. This would be under the “one nation, two systems” agreed upon when the British left, a structure which, incidentally, China’s leader Xi Jinping recently offered to Taiwan as an “inducement” to come aboard. Some inducement. Incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen is the favorite for reelection and Tsai wants to keep as far from the PRC as possible and the electorate appears to agree—or so I am also told.