tax returns

Donald Trump paid a higher tax rate in 2005 than most people in his income group

Philip Klein, Washington Examiner

Trump paid $38 million in taxes on $150 million of reported income that year, for an effective average tax rate of 25.3 percent. But that year, those among the top 0.1 percent of taxpayers had an average tax rate of 22.48 percent, according to data from the Tax Foundation.

Trump and Taxes

Property taxes are public records that could be reported on if one desired. It should be obvious (even without his personal returns) that Trump is the original source of much pubic revenue.  Each Trump property pays significant property taxes.  I would venture that the Trump Tower in New York probably pays more in property taxes than is paid in all types of taxes by most individuals or corporations.

Conservative Leaders Demand Trump Disclose Hidden Tax Returns

The American people have a right to know that the man or woman who would lead them is beyond reproach in matters of personal finances. If you will not make your returns public we can only assume, at this point, that you are hiding something. Something which, if revealed, could seriously damage your quest for the White House.

Romney: 'No legit reason’ Trump can’t release tax returns

Mark Hensch, The Hill

Mitt Romney on Thursday night kept up his attacks on GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump for not publicly releasing his tax returns. “No legit reason @realDonaldTrump can’t release returns while being audited, but if scared, release earlier returns no longer under audit,” he tweeted during the GOP debate in Houston, hosted by CNN.

The Coming OCare Nightmare For Low-Income Tax Payers

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker

People accustomed to filing postcard-sized 1040EZ now face bewildering complex forms that "no one can understand" and may lose their refunds and/or pay penalties.

IRS Won't Help Elderly, Disabled W/ Returns

Stephen Ohlemacher, Associated Press

"Taxpayers who need help are not getting it, & tax compliance is likely to suffer," said a report by an IRS watchdog. IRS Comm. John Koskinen says budget cuts are forcing the agency to reduce taxpayer services and other functions.

IRS Paid $46M to Immigrant Frauds

Michael Dorstewitz, Bic Pac Review

Two IRS employees tried to report thousands of undocumented aliens filed & received tax refunds.