the Islamic State

Iraqi Shi'ite militia claim leadership of campaign against Islamic State


Iraq's Shi'ite militia announced on Tuesday they had taken charge of the campaign to drive Islamic State from the western province of Anbar, giving the operation an openly sectarian codename that could infuriate its Sunni population.

China Says Muslim Uighurs Have Joined ISIS

The Associated Press

Chinese officials say that members of the country's Muslim Uighur ethnic minority have gone overseas to fight with the Islamic State group, which controls sections of Syria and Iraq, and returned to take part in plots at home.

Islamic State seizes nearly 300 Christian hostages

Anne Barnard, The New York Times

The reports are horrifying, something out of a distant era of ancient conquests: entire villages emptied, with hundreds taken prisoner, others kept as slaves; the destruction of irreplaceable works of art; a tax on religious minorities, payable in gold. Despite being abandoned by Obama, Assyrian Christians said “you can burn the churches but you cannot burn our faiths, and in this faith we will rebuild the churches.”

Defeat the Islamic State by Allowing Syria and Others to Kill Radicals

CHQ contributor Doug Bandow argues that rather than turn the Islamic State into a U.S. military priority, and take America into war, we should organize an Islamic coalition against the Islamic State. 

Bill Kristol Says ‘He Shouldn’t Wait!’ Obama Should Bomb ISIS

Zach Noble, The Blaze

Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, may have his differences with President Barack Obama, but on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, he made it clear that he wants the president to strike the growing Islamic State NOW — and go to Congress for authorization right away.