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Why the Amrock Trade-Secrets Case Fell Apart

John Fund, National Review

Our growing digital economy and the fast turnover of employees in tech companies will inevitably bring more trade-secrets lawsuits. A Deloitte and Touche analysis showed two-thirds of Millennials expect to leave their current employer within three years. Some will inevitably take electronic documents and data with them and misuse them. A focus on the importance of protecting trade secrets is all well and good. Litigation abuses abound. Many involve attempts to shake down companies rather than redress honest grievances. Protect intellectual property, but not by sacrificing intellectual honesty in the courtroom.

Left Working Furiously To Bury Feinstein Spy Story

The experience of our friend Ben Weingarten suggests that there is a concerted effort to stifle the story and marginalize anyone who digs into Senator Dianne Feinstein's decades long financial and political relationship with Red China and the Communist spy who served as her office manager.

Will Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein Investigate Herself?

With Senator Feinstein’s deep ties to Red China it is fair to ask what if this anonymous “spy” was a lot more effective than has been admitted? And what ties are there between Feinstein’s economic interests and those of the People’s Liberation Army, the real owner of many Chinese companies?  And why was the "spy" on Feinstein's staff treated with kid gloves and never prosecuted?