transgender laws

Open Letter to America's Leaders: Stop Transforming American Self-Government & Putting All Children At Risk

The movement for “transgender rights” in the United States is in need of serious scrutiny, as our federal and state governments are taking this controversial notion too far.  The very concept of “transgender” is of recent origin and uncertain meaning.  Instead of the detailed and skeptical attention

Florida School Board Rules Only Girls Should Share A Locker Room

Mary-Lou Lang-Byrd, The Daily Caller

The Marion County School Board, in a 4-to-1 vote, overturned a policy created by the district’s superintendent, which allowed students to pick their own bathroom based on “gender identity.”

Court Rules for Christian College in Transgender Case

Lynde Langdon, World Magazine

A female-to-male student demanded to be housed in the men's dorm of a Christian university in OR. A court ruled that the college can keep the rooming restrictions it's placed on the transgendered student, without risking any penalty from the fed. gov't.