Open Letter to America's Leaders: Stop Transforming American Self-Government & Putting All Children At Risk

The movement for “transgender rights” in the United States is in need of serious scrutiny, as our federal and state governments are taking this controversial notion too far.  The very concept of “transgender” is of recent origin and uncertain meaning.  Instead of the detailed and skeptical attention

Civil Rights Commissioner Gail Heriot Agrees with Conservatives on Executive Overreach, Gets Called “Ignorant Bigot” By Liberal Congresswoman

University of San Diego School of Law professor Gail Heriot thinks Obama’s “guidance” to states demanding they open school locker rooms, showers and toilets to students of both sexes is an example of the executive branch overreaching what the legislative branch intended. Far-Left Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (CA-19) thinks disagreeing with Obama makes Commissioner Heriot an “ignorant bigot.”

Final Betrayal: Ryan Republicans Join Obama as #ToiletTerrorists

“Is there any conservative principle or constituency in the conservative coalition that elected Ronald Reagan and won the historic elections of 2010 and 2014 that Capitol Hill’s Republican leaders haven’t betrayed?” Clearly after last night's vote to codify Obama's #ToiletTerrorism the answer is NO, and without new leadership in the House and Senate Republican Conferences the betrayals will continue.  Please sign our petition. Tell Speaker Paul Ryan: Stop Obama's Liberal Transformation of America or Go Home!

Sorry Religious Schools, Your Bathrooms Are Now A ‘Target’ Too

Caleb Howe, RedState

It’s not just businesses. It’s not just North Carolina or Target stores or even just government-run schools. As was totally predictable, the voracious appetite for tyranny by leftists is never sated, and now private, religious schools are on the hit list for the activists and troublemakers.

Target CEO Blames Weather For Tanking Business

Brandon Morse, RedState

Apparently, the people speaking out against Target’s practices, and refusing to support them with their wallet, does not give the company pause. I can’t think of a better way to signal to consumers that you don’t want their business.

Tylenol Promotes Transgenderism

Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

I’m a bit shocked at how fast things seem to be moving… tonight I was watching a video on Youtube, and the ad before it started was a Tylenol ad promoting gay marriage and transgenderism. Tylenol! What the *&^%^ does Tylenol have to do with any of that? Where do I sign up for the Resistance?

Political Correctness Defeated (Temporarily) General Boykin Reinstated

General Jerry Boykin has been invited back to teach at Hampden-Sydney College, but ultimately this battle is not about what happened to Jerry Boykin at one small college in Virginia. The real issue is stopping the insanity that endangers women and girls and standing up to the attempts to normalize the abnormal through the vicious imposition of political correctness in speech and thought.

LTG Jerry Boykin: Toilette* Terrorists Claim Their First Victim

General Jerry Boykin isn’t the actual target of the far-Left’s intimidation tactics – their target is you. What they want to do is intimidate Moms and Dads out in Real America; they want you to be afraid to oppose allowing men into the women’s restroom, locker room and shower and to sit down, shut up and accept their remaking of American society and culture because you’re afraid of losing your job.

Transgender Decree Undermines Privacy Rights of Other Students

Hans Bader, CNS News

Private employers will also face pressure to follow the Obama administration’s demands, since the Obama administration’s reasoning is not education-specific, and could thus easily be extended from Title IX (governing schools) to Title VII (governing workplaces). Title IX and Title VII are often (but not always) interpreted the same.

Obama To Issue Public School Transgender Decree Today

Caleb Howe, RedState

Bypassing the people, and the states, and the courts, President Obama is once again exercising executive authority to enforce his will and a leftist vision on America. Not under threat of law, but threat of cut funding. The President will issue a “decree” ordering all public schools in the country to allow “transgender students” to use the bathroom and locker room of their choice.

The Left’s Bizarre New Cause: Gender “Fluidity”

The Obama Department of Justice has announced that North Carolina’s new law that protects women and children from potential sexual predators in public rest rooms violates the civil rights of “gender fluid” individuals.

Equal Access Makes Some More Equal Than Others

Obama says discrimination based on sex also applies to discrimination based on gender identity.  In other words, it is permissible to keep school facilities separated by sex, but each individual gets to decide which sex he or she is.