Trump immigration plan

CNN Officially Out Of Investigative Journalism

Given CNN's history of biased coverage of President Trump, it seems clear to us that, based on the results of the numerous studies the MRC has conducted on the network, CNN long ago got out of the investigative journalism field, it has just taken Jeff Zucker all this time to admit it.

Democrats Are the New Palestinians on Immigration

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

The Democrats are in the reactionary position of having to wish for or engineer an American economic failure to make their even more reactionary policies succeed. Pathetic, no? But all is not lost for them.  All they need is a little new leadership.  Perhaps Mahmoud Abbas would be willing to immigrate and come work for them. There's no one better at obstructionist policies. Of course, he'd have to stand in line.

Kellyanne Conway previews Trump immigration plan

Louis Nelson, Politico

Conway did discuss the tenets of Trump’s immigration plan, which she said will focus on the construction of a wall along America’s southern border, no legal status and an end to so-called sanctuary cities, where undocumented persons are not prosecuted solely because of their immigration status. She said “angel moms,” mothers of Americans killed by undocumented immigrants, have become “the faces of our campaign.”