Presidential Horse Race 2016: Utah and Arizona send establishment packing over the border

Utah and Arizona give big wins to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. The establishment’s immigration policy loses huge in Arizona. Plus, No matter how much Trump and Hillary continue to win, most people still can’t stand them; Two more states, two more losses for John Kasich. And he’s running out of money, too, and, After 50+ days of furious voting activity, there’re two whole weeks until Wisconsin.

Texas CNN Republican debate: Trump exposed as fraud in Rubio-Cruz pincer movement

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz hit Donald Trump hard in Thursday night’s debate. Plus, Rubio wins on style, Cruz wins on substance; Ted Cruz looks to be winning in Texas…will it be enough?; Voters don’t want “electability” in 2016, they want strong leadership; Thursday night’s was the first debate where foreign policy took a back seat; Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns…but is it a problem?; Ben Carson defiant about staying in the race, but we’re the ones paying for it, and, Conclusion – making sense of 2016.