Virginia governor's race

GOP Betrays Right; Cedes VA To D's

SooperMexican, Independent Journal Review

When the facts are considered in the slim victory McAuliffe had over Cuccinelli, it’s hard to deny the conclusion that the GOP decided it was better to abandon Virginia to the Dems than to allow the Tea Party and social conservatives to win.

Amnesty-ites Storm Cuccinelli

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Pro-amnesty activists who promised to use a McAuliffe victory to lobby for comprehensive immigration reform, were removed by police from Cuccinelli’s headquarters demanding amnesty.

Levin: RNC Didn't Help Cuccinelli

The Right Scoop Staff

Mark Levin and basically said that’s the money the RNC spent in Virginia had everything to do with their post-'12 autopsy and has nothing to do with getting out the vote. Levin charged that Priebus has showed up at the end of the election to position himself to talk about his great ground game if there is a victory or criticize the candidate if they lose.

Cuccinelli Didn't Lose Women

Charmaine Yoest, National Review Online

Attributing McAuliffe’s win to the “women’s vote” is a caricature of half of the electorate. The fact is: Cuccinelli didn’t even lose the game, he just ran out of time. The real division wasn't sex but marital status.

Millions Spent on Lies About Cuccinelli

Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker

Ken Cuccinelli is a wonderful man. Period. McAuliffe raised $35 million from special interest and labor unions to spread a huge lie that Cuccinelli is extreme. The truth is Cuccinelli's views are in keeping with a vast majority of Americans. His liberal opponent, who is a disciple of our Liar-in-Chief and a rabid supporter of Obamacare, is the real extremist in the race.

Obama Bundler Helps "Libertarian" Sarvis

Meredith Jessup, The Blaze

The Libertarian Booster PAC made the largest independent contribution to Robert Sarvis’ VA guv campaign, helping to pay for professional petition circulators who collected signatures to get him on the ballot. Billionaire Joe Liemandt is the PAC’s biggest benefactor and an Obama campaign bundler.

It's Values vs. Vicious Lies in VA Race

Cortney O'Brien, Townhall

If Terry McAuliffe had his way, voters would believe his Repub. opponent in the VA guvl race wants to “take women back” and is “too extreme.” WRONG. Cuccinelli has been fighting for sexual predator victims and improved mental health for years. Oh, and he saved a man from a burning truck.

Virginia Voters Hold the Future of America in Their Hands

Please forward this to your friends and contacts in Virginia. To defeat Terry McAuliffe and his national liberal allies -- and send a message that will be heard from Cape Charles to Hollywood -- Virginia’s limited government constitutional conservatives have to do only one thing today. Go to the polls and vote for Ken Cuccinelli, and then call and email all their Virginia friends and ask them to do the same.

Fitzgibbons: Virginia's Election and the Fate of ObamaCare

The key reason Mark J. Fitzgibbons gives for claiming no other election will be as important as the Cuccinelli vs. McAuliffe match-up is not the obvious one -- that Democrat Terry McAuliffe is an ObamaCare supporter -- it is that the Washington establishment wants to paint this election as a referendum on principled conservatism.

Estab. GOP, RINOs Want McAuliffe Win

Mark Levin, Facebook

Many in the GOP estab., from fundraisers and consultants, to GOP officeholders, have either trashed Cuccinnelli or endorsed McAuliffe outright. The GOP national machine has done little for Cuccinnelli. Karl Rove, offers no support for Cuccinnelli, while he schemes and whispers behind the scenes against conservatives nationwide. 

TMac Scandals Enough to Sink 10 Candidates

Garth Kant, WND

McAuliffe’s scandals include: 1) Invested $100 and made millions in real estate; 2) Teamsters money-cycling scheme; 3) Buddhist temple fundraiser; 4) Sold face-time with the Clintons; 5) Rented the Lincoln bedroom; 6) Made $18 million on a failed fiber-optics company.

A Must Read for Virginia Catholics: Terry McAuliffe's Anti-Catholic Campaign

Please forward this to your Catholic friends and contacts in Virginia. Terry McAuliffe is running a transparently, viciously anti-Catholic campaign all over television, trashing Ken Cuccinelli as a woman-hating extremist for backing proposals that line up with Catholic church teachings on abortion, contraception, and divorce. 

Liberty Voters: Send Them A Message – Vote Cuccinelli

Please forward this to your libertarian friends and contacts in Virginia. If you love liberty and want to send a message to Richmond and Washington that you want the power and intrusiveness of government curtailed there is only one candidate in the race for Governor of Virginia who may be relied upon to oppose the expansion of state power and to actually win fights for liberty, and that’s Ken Cuccinelli. 

Why This Libertarian is Voting for Ken

Please forward this to your libertarian friends and contacts in Virginia. Virginians for Life and Liberty sent out an email on Sunday endorsing Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia and urging Libertarians to vote for Cuccinelli. Jay Laze's email really nailed the reasons why electing Ken will dramatically advance the Libertarian movement in Virginia and Nationally. Recent polls show Ken is within 1-2% of winning. Libertarians who join Ron and Rand Paul in backing Ken can rightfully take the credit for electing a Pro-Liberty Governor.

How to Stop Obamacare in VA

Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, National Review

The right way to do it is with a vote for Ken Cuccinelli. He wants to strengthen Virginia’s healthcare system and deliver better care to more by removing the roadblocks put in place by Obamacare.

McAuliffe's Cuba Trade Disaster

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

Terry McAuliffe's '10 trade mission to Cuba was the sort of unplanned disaster--heavy on personal bluster, low on preparation and planning--that is likely to characterize his administrative style as VA governor if he defeats Ken Cuccinelli in next Tuesday's election.

Cuccinelli: The Comeback Kid

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner

Two new polls on the VA gubernatorial race suggest that underdog Repub. Ken Cuccinelli is mounting a last minute comeback, prompting Dem. Terry McAuliffe to bring in big guns: Bill Clinton and Obama.

Cuccinelli-McAuliffe Race VERY Close

Alex Pappas, Daily Caller

With less than a week to go before the VA gubernatorial race, a new poll indicates that Dem. Terry McAuliffe’s sizeable lead over Repub. Ken Cuccinelli is disappearing. McAuliffe leads by only 4%. It's too close to call.

Why We'll Vote for Cuccinelli

Cortney O'Brien, Townhall

A rally for Ken Cuccinelli with backer Rand Paul drew an enthusiastic crowd, some of who told why they're voting for Ken. “I believe in the right to trial by jury – someone who believes in justice. That’s why I’m voting for Ken Cuccinelli," said one supporter. Another said she'd vote for Ken because "he's the only one who's honest!"