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Bernie Will Confiscate Your Money, But Fortunately Not Your Guns

Senator Bernie Sanders said a mandatory gun buyback is essentially confiscation, which he says is unconstitutional. However, lest you be fooled into thinking that the old Socialist warhorse has suddenly revealed a newfound affection for private property you’d be wrong, because, while Sen. Sanders may be opposed to confiscation of your firearms, he still wants your money.

Elizabeth Warren has a plan to tax wealth, and it's a joke

Editors, Washington Examiner

Warren's wealth tax has been tried, and it would be foolish to write off the results. A wealth tax would set off an instant stampede of capital out of the United States, along with some degree of wealth and access to employment for the middle class, all in exchange for what she claims would be a $2.75 trillion windfall for the federal treasury over 10 years. Only an especially arrogant, ignorant bureaucrat could believe he can get a free lunch for government by somehow cornering the wealthy. In fact, the economic consequences of punishing wealth accumulation would easily make up for any benefits the government thinks it can realize from such a tax.