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Everything Is Trump’s Fault Is Fake News At Its Worst

The establishment media continues to be befuddled by their falling market share and polls that say Americans don’t trust them anymore. They need look no further than these three stories from the past week and the false narratives they promote for the answer to their problems of loss of trust and market share.

Fake Bombs -- Fake News

Strange is how the bombs seem to be addressed to people who don’t open their own mail, was this an elaborate plot to kill George Soros’ butler or get the mail room clerk at CNN? At this point in the investigation we don’t know who is responsible or what their motives are – all we can do is wait for law enforcement to do their work and for the evidence to reveal the perpetrator.

Progressives Must Stop Using Terror To Try And Intimidate Conservatives

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

It is not politically possible for a Democrat politician today to take a meaningful, serious stand in opposition to leftist terror aimed at conservatives – even assuming the politician isn’t giggling off-camera about Don Jr.’s family being frightened and believing it serves them right for daring to have different political views. But they won’t be laughing down the road. When you normalize hate, you end up with hate being normalized for everyone. You do not want that. You really don’t.