WikiLeaks Shines Light on Forked-Tongue Democrats

Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator

WikiLeaks revealed that the Democratic Party operatives that we watch as animatrons on TV become real people once they think no one watches. They want to suppress the leaked emails why, exactly? They’re not amoral, imprudent pod people, after all. They just play them on TV.

What James O'Keefe and WikiLeaks Tell Us About Journalism

Tom Kuntz, Real Clear Politics

Blanket criticisms of O’Keefe and WikiLeaks obscure the important lessons they have to teach us about the state of investigative reporting and why, it seems, nontraditional journalists are flourishing. The information age provokes the reactionary impulse of secrecy. As most investigative journalists know, it is increasingly difficult to pry information from government.

WikiLeaks Exposes Workings of an American 'Nomenklatura'

Roger P. Simon, PJ Media

Most evident from their downloads is the unremitting, almost incestual, alliance between elites (read: Democratic Party leadership) and the press, those who are informing us of what we are supposed to think.

Roger Stone: You Bet Elections Can Be “Rigged”

That the entire political system is rigged to favor Clinton is self-evident, but now Trump confidant Roger Stone has published a column in DC’s political journal The Hill documenting how elections can be rigged and the evidence that some actually have been rigged.