Wisconsin primary

Wisconsin’s Most Important Election Wasn’t Yesterday’s Presidential Primary

The most important vote for Wisconsin conservatives and populists was not counted last night. It is the coming August 9 Republican congressional primary. Until Paul Ryan is defeated, and Paul Nehlen nominated and elected, the Washington Cartel will remain firmly in control of the US House of Representatives. #NeverRyan

Today, Wisconsin Makes It Harder For Trump to Win

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

Ted Cruz, according to all but the ARG poll, is going to have a big night in Wisconsin. He leads handily in the polling averages, has leadership in every congressional district, has delegates targeted for support, and has run circles around Trump.

Is Trump About to Lose His Fourth State in a Row?

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

Based on past experience, Cruz will likely overperform the polls and Trump will likely underperform them, which means that Trump might be lucky to escape Wisconsin with a handful of delegates from a Congressional district or two.

Wisconsin final arguments: Cruz expected to win, but race could tighten

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The question as election day dawned is whether the shift that took place in the race last week — when Trump's attack on Heidi Cruz and various other ill-advised comments began to catch up with him — whether that momentum shift has continued, or whether it has slowed.

The Full Spectrum Conservative In Today's Wisconsin GOP Primary

Ted Cruz is the only candidate who can credibly run for president as a full-spectrum conservative, build a winning conservative coalition AND who can be trusted to, without question, govern according to limited government constitutional conservative principles. We urge our friends in Wisconsin to vote for Ted Cruz in today's Republican primary election.