Desire to ‘Fire Obama’ and Economy Seen as Major Factors

Respondents to our CHQ Poll say these will be most important in determining whether President Obama or his Republican opponent wins in November.

Romney Drowns Gingrich and Santorum in Toxic Sludge

In Florida, Romney's big win means the Republican establishment served notice to the Tea Party and grassroots movement conservatives that it is playing for all the cookies.

The Ads Against Romney That No One Has Made… Yet

The real issue discovered when examining Romney's tax returns is his truthfulness and willingness to game the tax system for financial advantage in a way unavailable to the average American.

Book Review: The Notes of Ronald Reagan

Students and admirers of President Ronald Reagan, and his speeches, should rejoice at the publication of this slim volume of Reagan’s favorite aphorisms, jokes, quotes and political wisdom.

Rick Santorum May Regret Taking the High Road

The candidate's decision to unilaterally disarm fails to take into account the lengths Mitt Romney will go to win an election -- and could end up being a huge mistake for the former Pennsylvania Senator.

Barack Obama – A President Devoid of Conscience

The Founders enshrined protection of freedom of conscience in the Constitution’s First Amendment -- but there is no such freedom, or conscience, in Barack Obama’s new America.

A Comparison of the Occupy Movement and the Tea Party

The liberal media said that the Occupy Party has a lot in common with the Tea Party. Here is a look at how they compare.

Conservatives Divided Over Impact of Slugfest

Almost half of the respondents in our CHQ Poll believe Gingrich and Romney have been hurt by their slugfest, but a sizeable minority disagrees on the impact of negative campaigning.

Too Late, Populists Line-Up Behind Newt in Florida GOP Primary

If Sarah Palin, Herman Cain and others truly want their friend Newt Gingrich to be their standard bearer and expect him to win the nomination, it will take a lot more than last minute endorsements to get the job done.

The Establishment is Fighting for Its Life and Playing for Keeps

To defeat the establishment and win the GOP presidential nomination (and the coming battles in Congress), conservatives must wake-up and match the fierce desperation of a ruling class that is fighting for its life.

Santorum Walks the Walk on Family Values

Rick Santorum's leaving the campaign trail to be with his hospitalized daughter this past weekend was more than just a gesture -- it's the type of life that he's lived all along.

Too Bad Project Veritas Wasn’t Around for These Election Fraud Debacles

Cases of elected public officials (from both parties) going to trial this week in New York and Indiana demonstrate the need for ethics watchdogs such as James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.