Republican Presidential Debate Insanity

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result, welcome to the nut house of the establishment media-sponsored Republican presidential debates.

GOP State Senate Races in Virginia: Too Much Money, Not Enough Message

The Republican Party of Virginia failed to create a compelling reason for voters to switch from the “devil they know” to the “devil they don’t know.”

Is Herman Cain Toast? Conservatives Are Split

Respondents to our CHQ Poll are divided on that question, now that accusers are going public with specific charges.  That in itself is a big fall for Herman Cain.

In Ohio, Union Bosses Were Rabbits Running for Their Lives

"Every day, there are millions of races between foxes and rabbits.  Sometimes a fox will win, otherwise there would be no foxes, but most of the time the rabbit wins because, while the fox is running for his dinner, the rabbit is running for his life.  In Ohio, the union bosses were rabbits running for their lives.”

Kentucky GOP Made a Big Mistake

Instead of nominating Tea Partier Phil Moffet to clean out the state government, Republicans nominated an ultimate insider to run for governor.

Are Super Committee Republicans About to Institutionalize the Obama Spending Spree?

Republicans who would accept a tax increase seem happy with the outrageous levels of spending that Congress has approved since Obama was sworn in as President.

Watch Richard A. Viguerie's Interview with Lou Dobbs

Viguerie weighs-in on the leading topics of the day with Lou Dobbs.

Today’s Virginia Election Results Will Count

Respondents to our CHQ Poll say overwhelmingly that a GOP victory in today’s Virginia state senate elections would be significant—and bad news for President Obama.

The Comeback of Newt Gingrich

Whatever other flaws as a candidate Newt Gingrich has, right now he appears to be the only Republican candidate who understands that his job isn’t to teardown the other Republicans.

Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich Prove that Less Media Involvement Equals More Substance

The Cain-Gingrich Debate 2011 showed that the Tea Party movement can do a much better job of hosting a debate than does the establishment media. 

Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll Again

Congressman Ron Paul pulled ahead of challenger Herman Cain for a last minute win of his third consecutive straw poll on

Notes on Saturday Night's Cain/Gingrich Debate

Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain took part in a "Lincoln-Douglas" debate on Saturday night in Texas, and here are a few comments on the discussion and format.