John Henry says at CPAC that Opposition to Cutting Defense Spending is "Certainly Not a Tea Party View"

William Upton, Adam Cassandra - 2/12/11; 4:30pm
Henry said, "I haven't met one Tea Party person who didn't think it was a good idea."

Prepared Remarks by Jon Utley on Awarding Pat Nolan the Freda Utley Prize for Advancing Liberty

CHQ Staff - 2/11/11; 10:43pm
Pat Nolan received the award during CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C.

Jimmy McMillan and Saul Anuzis Talk to Bloggers at CPAC

CHQ Staff - 2/11/11; 2:50pm

CHQ Poll Results: New Conservative Blood Needed to Replace Kyl as Senate Whip

William Upton - 2/11/11; 12:13pm
Voters want Sen. Jim DeMint to replace retiring Sen. Kyl as the Senate Whip.

CPAC’s 2012 Straw Poll Found Lacking

Adam Cassandra - 2/11/11; 11:30am
The list of candidates omits several high profile figures, including Sen. Jim DeMint.