Ron Paul Sets New Record in Straw Poll, Gingrich Tops Cain

The month of November has been hard on Herman Cain, and the results show it. While Ron Paul takes a new high in the CHQ Presidential Straw Poll, Newt Gingrich pulls into second for the first time.

“I Was Wrong” Is An Important Difference Between Gingrich and Romney

If saying "I was wrong" works for Newt Gingrich, it may just cause other politicians to engage in a little long-overdue self analysis.

Ann Coulter is wrong

Ann Coulter assumes that in order to win, Republicans must run a content-free campaign around whichever candidate the establishment media has anointed as the “most electable.” She's wrong.

CHQ Poll: No Empathy for ‘Occupy’ Movement

Nine out of ten respondents say the Occupy movement is not a peaceful protest.

CCHD: Good Apple Gone Bad

This week, Chairman Richard A. Viguerie sent an urgent notice to CHQ members regarding the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) -- a fundraising initiative that gives money to organizations throughout the nation, many of which have programs that directly contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church.

CHQ Poll: Stop Subsidizing the Rich!

Three-fourths of our respondents agree with Sen. Tom Coburn, and reject the notion that cutting out subsidies for the rich constitutes a tax hike.

Waterboarding: If It Works, Use It

A majority of our CHQ Poll respondents say it is not torture, and should be used by the U.S.

Richard Viguerie Calls for a Boycott November 19-20 of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Richard A. Viguerie, a Catholic layman in a parish in the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, has urged Catholics to boycott the annual collection of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development  (CCHD).

Republican Study Committee Conservatives Stand Tall Against New Taxes

We commend the efforts of the Republican Study Committee (led by Rep. Jim Jordan) in organizing its members to oppose a tax increase in the Super Committee's deficit reduction legislation. (Image by Gage Skidmore)

CCHD Continues to Fund Organizations that Flout Catholic Principles

The simple fact of the matter is that significant portions of the grants made by the CCHD have been given to left-wing organizations working in direct contradiction of Church teaching. This must stop.

The Super Committee’s Super Sellout on Farm Spending

Republicans' failure to address the debt issue (by agreeing to tax increases and including massive spending programs in the Super Committee) undercuts their argument that they deserve majorities in Congress.

Liberal Mayors, Fearing Political Fallout, Take Action Against Occupy

The Occupy movement has finally been exposed for what it really is -- a union-funded tool of the liberal Democratic establishment. Even liberal mayors have now said enough is enough.