Charles Krauthammer Joins CHQ to Criticize Obama's Expropriation Tax

It's good to see a perceptive commentator like Charles Krauthammer has picked up on the notion that the real Barack Obama just wants to redistribute wealth.

Award for Best Line of the Orlando GOP Presidential Debate Goes to…

Only one candidate got it right by saying we MUST elect an all-conservative ticket in 2012 -- not just a 'compromise' combination of conservative and moderate.

Mark Fitzgibbons Discusses "The Law That Governs Government"

Author and contributor Mark Fitzgibbons Discusses The Law That Governs Government (Audio) with Concerned Women for America's Martha Kleder.

Where was the Constitution in Thursday Night’s Debate?

One would think that since the Constitution is at the center of solving America’s problems, it would be the main topic of discussion in Thursday night’s GOP presidential debate in Orlando, Florida.

American Dream Is On Life Support

CHQ Poll respondents say life will be worse for our children and the next generation unless we dramatically change course.

Fox News/Google Debate – GOP Horses Head Down the Backstretch

The great Republican horse race rode through Orlando on Thursday night, but it’s not quite clear whether any of the candidates knew where the finish-line was.

The Orlando Republican Presidential Debate Will Be About Theater, Not Issues

Let’s remember these debates are about theater, not issues -- and tonight’s play is Julius Caesar, with Texas Governor Rick Perry in the title role, and the other eight candidates on the stage surrounding him with their knives at the ready. 

What’s the Motive Behind Obama’s ‘Jobs’ Push?

Our respondents in the CHQ Poll see political calculations and a socialist mentality as the motivation.

UPDATE: Richard A. Viguerie Moved From Tonight's Interview on FOX Business Chariman Richard A. Viguerie will not be appearing tonight on FOX Buisness's Lou Dobbs show as originally scheduled, due to a change in the programming lineup.

Is the FOX News Decision to Let Gary Johnson into Orlando Debate Just Good Theater?

FOX's desire for a "spectacle" will backfire if Gary Johnson sticks to the issues -- and shows up the second-tier GOP candidates. (Image by Gage Skidmore)

Tea Partiers Say Tax "Fairness" is Unconstitutional

The word “fairness” appears nowhere in the Constitution, and the federal government is not empowered to expropriate and redistribute private wealth to achieve “fairness.”

Herman Cain Nails Obama’s Jobs Problem

Herman Cain pointed out that neither the president nor his top advisors has ever worked in the private sector -- no wonder they're clueless on the jobs issue.