Conservative Media Fires Back at NPR Executives

William Upton - 3/8/11
Conservatives respond to attacks by NPR execs on Twitter, blogs and talk radio.

CHQ Exclusive: Government Funded NPR Execs Say For Profit News Industry Not a “Free Press”

Adam Cassandra - 3/8/11
The "commercial press" is not free according to government funded executives.

NPR is Shocked, Shocked that NPR is Bigoted, Hateful, Disingenuous and Maybe Corrupt

Adam Cassandra - 3/8/11
Debate begins on "what NPR stands for" after damaging undercover video released.

A History of Bias - Why the Public Funding of NPR Must End

William Upton - 3/8/11
Here are just a few historical examples to put NPR’s blatant bias into perspective.

NPR Executives Caught on Video Making Bigoted Comments About Jews and Conservatives in Meeting with “Muslim Brotherhood”

Adam Cassandra - 3/8/11
Call Tea Party "seriously racist," and say NPR "better off" without federal funding.

Ohio Senate Panel Passes Bill Limiting Public-Worker Collective Bargaining

Bloomberg - 3/2/11
Bill will now go to GOP-controlled House.

CHQ Exclusive: Rep. Tom Price Calls Battle For Wisconsin a Battle for All America

Christopher Bedford – 3/2/11

Price: Conservatives must mobilize and win there now, or conservatives will lose nationally. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

CHQ Poll Results: Support for Sarah Palin May Be Eroding Heading into 2012

William Upton- 3/2/11
Fifteen percent of conservatives and Tea Partiers say their opinion of Sarah Palin has declined.

Haley Barbour Joins with Mike Huckabee in Bashing RomneyCare

Politico - 3/1/11
Criticism from GOP presidential candidates mount as liberals endorse.

Your Voice Matters: Ann Coulter Cites CHQ Poll on her Website

CHQ Staff - 3/1/11
Coulter thinks CHQ voters will "come around" to her way of thinking.

CHQ Poll Results: Conservatives Wonder How Bill Gates Can Tackle Education Reform Without Addressing Unions

Christopher Bedford - 3/1/11

Conservatives and Tea Partiers think Gates' reforms miss the forest for the trees.

Bachmann Takes Third Place in First CHQ Straw Poll Appearance

Adam Cassandra - 3/1/11
Tea Party favorite Bachmann surges ahead of other presidential hopefuls in poll.