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The Battle To Takeover The GOP Begins Today

Despite our efforts and the efforts of millions of other conservatives, who went all-in for the Romney candidacy, Election Day 2012 was a disaster – Barack Obama was re-elected President, Republicans lost seats in the House and failed to gain a majority in the Senate.

Rise upHowever, out of that disaster comes some good news: conservatives are saying “Never again” are we going to nominate a big government establishment Republican for President.

What’s more, we won’t have to – conservatives now have a deep bench of potential presidential candidates.

We have elected a new generation of conservative leaders who are capable of taking over the GOP to become the Party of small government constitutional conservatism.

Last night’s election of small government constitutional conservatives -- Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake and Deb Fischer to the Senate, the election of conservative Mike Pence as Governor of Indiana, the election of Trey Radel and other “boat rockers” to the House -- portend that yesterday’s defeats will spell the end of big government Republicanism.

They join such small government constitutional conservative leaders as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Senators Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey, Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and the 50-odd Members of the House, such as Justin Amash, who stood for conservative principles and voted against the debt ceiling deal.

Establishment Republicans ever anxious to hold on to power, and the establishment media, are going to blame “the Tea Party” and “radical” conservatives who voted for principled small government constitutional conservative candidates in Republican primaries for the election disaster of 2012.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Governor Romney won the nomination by spending tens of millions of dollars knee-capping his conservative opponents in the primaries and then handed the election to Obama because he and his campaign team spent most of the campaign mired in the establishment Republican folly of trying to win by standing for nothing.

The “stand for nothing” strategy didn’t work for President Ford’s 1976 campaign, it didn’t work for President George H.W. Bush’s re-election and it certainly didn’t work for Bob Dole and John McCain.

Republicans never, ever, win the presidency unless they nationalize the election by campaigning on a conservative agenda.

While Obama and the Democrats threw down the gauntlet on the social issues -- such as same-sex marriage and abortion -- Republicans ran away from such issues as same-sex marriage, religious freedom and Obama’s war on the Catholic Church. You couldn’t find any mention of the Constitution or the conservative social agenda in a Romney ad or in a Rove-run Super PAC ad or an ad run by the national GOP.

The establishment Republicans who held the reins and the checkbooks chose to run negative ads against Obama and campaign almost solely on Romney’s biography and economic policies, while skipping the social issues and the concerns of Tea Partiers and small government constitutional conservatives.

In choosing to ignore the larger conservative agenda, Romney chose not to follow the path that led Republicans to win seven of the previous eleven presidential elections.

In the Senate, two good and decent men – Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock – were defeated not because they were pro-life, but because they were inept campaigners.

Tommy Thompson, George Allen, Connie Mack and other establishment-backed candidates -- who ran as establishment Republicans -- all went down to defeat in the general election after being boosted past principled small government conservatives in the primaries by Mitch McConnell and the Washington GOP establishment.

The leaders who forced those kinds of candidates on us -- and manipulated the GOP rules to force the Party to change from a grassroots-driven Party to a Party driven from the top-down by Washington insiders -- should resign.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House John Boehner, NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions and other Republican leaders behind the epic election failure of 2012 should be replaced with leaders more in tune with the grassroots of the conservative base of the Party.

Likewise, in any logical universe, establishment Republican consultants such as Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, Romney campaign senior advisor Stewart Stevens and pollster Neil Newhouse would never be hired to run or consult on a national campaign again -- and no one would give a dime to their ineffective Super PACs, such as American Crossroads.

Mitt Romney's loss was the death rattle of the establishment GOP. Far from signaling a rejection of the Tea Party or grassroots conservatives, the disaster of 2012 signals the beginning of the battle to takeover the Republican Party and the opportunity to establish the GOP as the Party of small government constitutional conservatism.

To see Wednesday's news conference with conservative leaders discussing the election and the future, click here:

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But, what do we DO??

I agree that we HAVE to take control of the GOP. The question is HOW? After this election, I want to find some way to devote myself full-time, as a paying job, to this effort. The question, again, is HOW? Certainly I can start a PAC or another conservative grassroots organization, but we have so many of those now that I can't keep them all straight. The money and effort is getting diluted. But, I know that my talents are wasted in my current job when they could be used to help save the country, and I know I'm not alone in that regard. There is an army of us out here that can be set into motion if a general (that we can trust. NOT a Karl Rove) assembles us and puts us to work.

It’s a Time for Bold Colors – A Time for Choosing

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail….” - Ronald Reagan

I say to President Reagan and all those who loved him; we will not fail.

The time for talking to each other is over. “In every generation, we are called to decide whether the sun is raising or setting on America. We must keep refreshing the tree of liberty with the sprit of rebellion.” We must answer the call to arms issued to us by patriots like Franklin, Jefferson and Ronald Reagan, and we must keep the revolution alive.

To do so there is no greater task than to “Build the Party”. But let’s not just join the GOP; let’s overwhelm it by making us the People its major force. Ronald Reagan once said:  “I believe the Republican Party has a platform that is a banner of bold, unmistakable colors, with no pale pastel shades.”  Right now the GOP is top heavy with do nothing politicians that distain true conservatives like the members and friends of the Tea Party and all other conservative groups. This is the same group that distained Ronald Reagan. Let’s go over their heads and either they join us to fix what is wrong or get out of the way. Let’s storm this party with Social Conservatives, Religious Conservatives, Fiscal Conservatives, Libertarians, Republican Conservatives, Democrat Conservatives, and Independent Conservatives. This country needs a Party that makes no excuses, bows down to no one, does not apologize for respecting the Constitution, believes in our free Market Economy and the need to have a Government beholding to the people not enslaving them.

Get involved; no effort will go uncounted no effort un-rewarded. God will guide us once more regain your faith. Divine Providence built this country – Divine Providence will save this country.

My Country, 'tis Of Thee, sweet Land Of Liberty, let Freedom Ring.


What the conservatives need to do is convene and pick which one of them will run in the primary. If we run 3 or 4 candidates against one or two rinos, we will split up the vote and never win. It happens every time. And you guys who's record isn't clean had better stay out of it, because you will be found out. And whoever is the picked candidate needs to stick around until the nominating gets out of the yankee states. Even if things seem to be going badly. Y'all know they're more liberal up there. And one last thing. Women don't want to be forced to take a rapist's baby to term and the child looks like the rapist and remind her of the rape for the rest of her life. That is not a gift from God. You will not gain votes by saying that or agreeing with that as Paul Ryan did in the debate. You may believe it, but it should never be part of any political platform or legislative action. had it not been for Akin saying it, and Ryan agreeing with it, we would be facing a much brighter reality today. Both of these men should find another line of work, otherwise they will poison the well for years to come.

The Debt Limit Monster

The key to getting back control of this country is stopping the inexorable rise in The Debt Limit by acquiescent Republicans which to the insatiable Dems is the Monster consuming the Repubs but more importantly devouring this entire nation. The Don, Relativity Calculator,

Pick a Winner NOW for 2016 and Continually That Candidate On TV

The social conservatives, the fiscal conservatives, the libertarians, the Constitutionalists need to unite NOW around a candidate that all can accept and believe in for 2016 NOW!!  That person should be the spokesperson for the Republican Party or form a Conservative Party.  They should be constantly in front of the American people telling America where we stand as opposed to where Hussein stands.  Some candidates who would be able to pull us all together and yet not be seen as wimps are:  Marco Rubio, Alan Keyes, John Kasich, Herman Cain, Susan Martinez, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal and other strong conservatives.  We dare not go for another Bush no matter how good Jeb may seem.  America is sick and tired of Bushes.  We dare not have a Chris Christie who basically endorsed Hussein by his overly exaggerated compliments and huggy Hussein.  Besides, he is a disaster on his own and cannot control his temper nor his words.  We need a who can be respected and not just tolerated.

I'm mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore

This article is spot on. There is so many things I want to say but I am just going to start with a few. First off keep naming the names Conservative HQ, that's a great start and calling them on it!!! Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Sean Hannity, Bill O Reilly and a bunch more elitist people of the media need to go and fade from existence. They lined it up to have their guy not the publics guy and it cost the country dearly. The media does not speak for me, and I don't vote for a guy because they tell me too. I vote for someone based on their track record. By their deeds you shall know them. One thing that makes me mad as hell about the Senate is they could have taken that back if they hadn't run Linda McMahon wwf wrestling wife in a campaign. That was power driven by money, and that really got under my skin when I found out on election night the Republicans had her running. She has no business being in a campaign. Next thing I want to see happen is the electoral college disappear and gone. It's going to take massive undertaking, but we need the Supreme Court to tackle this issue and either give better amounts to the states or redraw the number represented. California's electoral votes don't matter to me nor does that state speak for me and the representative her in my state of Georgia. The time for half measures is over and I'm in firm belief that now is the time for a constitutional convention. That time is now, if we have anytime left at all. We need to have one with as much media coverage as possible to wake the masses up and see this is going to end badly if we don't for my future, my children if I ever have them. The time is now, my voice is getting ready to be heard. My grandfather and most of my relatives have fought and died for this country, my cousin was a signer of the declaration of independence and I'll be damned if I let it fall like this to corruption. By the way did you know there is a jail in the house of representatives that can be used to hold treasonous scum. It's high time we start using it. I need a band of brothers. I would like for some conservative like folks who would allow me to speak on their behalf in settings for getting the masses out. I am that guy! If interested email me [email protected] For love of country, God Bless

"The 'stand for nothing'

"The 'stand for nothing' strategy didn’t work for President Ford’s 1976 campaign, it didn’t work for President George H.W. Bush’s re-election and it certainly didn’t work for Bob Dole and John McCain."

Since Reagan, George H.W. Bush (first campaign) and George W. Bush are the only Republicans to win the presidency since Nixon, and presumably ran campaigns that "stood for something", we need to know in advance who is running a "stand for nothing" campaign.

We can then make sure to vote for someone else in the primaries, hopefully a candidate that "stands for something". This would guarantee a Republican presidency.

Taking defeat out of the jaws of victory - Romney's Candidacy

Romney lost. Obama didn't win.  We have to nominate articulate, and likeable conservatives.  Romney couldn't talk as regular people talked, he was not likeable, and he was not a conservative.  Take Obama, likeable, articulate, but liberal.  The hope of 2016 is that the Dem bench does not have another Obama.  However, we must improve our standards.  If our next nominee is not very articulate, very likeable, conservative, and I'll add quick on their feet, we'll lose again.  It's time to groom somebody.  If Obama can make it after a short stint in the Senate, how about sizing up Cruz from Texas?  Forget, the candidates from 2012, plus Jindal, Rubio, and Jeb.


"In the Senate, two good and decent men – Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock – were defeated not because they were pro-life, but because they were inept campaigners."


Never mind the fact that before they opened mouth to insert not one, but both feet they were both well ahead in the polls. Uuuhh huhh....sure!

What'chu mean "we" ?

From the article:  However, out of that disaster comes some good news: conservatives are saying “Never again” are we going to nominate a big government establishment Republican for President.

The staff here has been pushing Romney just as much as the GOP establishment... this was a necessary outcome, yet the staff here fought tooth/nail against it.

Women's votes, from an 'angry white man'

Hi,  love your site but i have a question about how the Conservatives can get the womens vote, since women are the biggest voting block now in the US.

Romney was very careful about his stance on abortion , but he seemed out of step with his party. Other senior figures in the party were not quite so cautious. Santorum, Ryan , Gingrich and many others were seen at various times to suggest that even in the case of rape, abortion should be outlawed.  With the new president due to change the makeup of the supreme court , a republican president could have been expected to change the law on abortion.

Since the views of these distinguished replublicans on abortion was widely known, is it surprising that women would be quite scared at the thought of a republican administration ?

I think this was a massive mistake that the party made , and in the aftermath of the disaster, it's not being talked about at all, but exit polling shows that it was a real issue for women. I think if the party wants to win back the womens vote, it must accept that while we may have these beliefs on abortion and birth control, they are not popular and cannot be any part of legislative agenda.  (basically our party should stop talking about them).

Kick the Moral Majority out of the GOP NOW!

More morality according to the King James Bible, right-under-the-surface hostility towards latinos and outright hostility toward gays will ensure defeat after defeat for the GOP as the nation's demographics have changed, these positions just aren't pallitable to younger voters, women and immigrants & their kids... Small government means getting government laws out of our buniesses, bedrooms and bodies, let people make their decisions based on their OWN moral compass and not that of fundamentalist Christians, it's simply killing us election after election! The abortion issue is paramount, it cleanly peels about half of women voters off our side of the ticket, is unlikley to ever become illegal again given the SCOUS inclinations and probably shouldn't be from a public health perspective, can you imagine what back-alley abortion clinics might mean in this day of HIV and Hep C!? And let gays marry, why should the goverment tell ANYONE who they can marry!? Let them enjoy divorce, alimony, etc too, welcome to the fun guys/gals!! Finally, we need to cut a deal on immigration policy regardless of how they got here in the first place, standing on principal here is costing us everything with a demographic that has a lot more in common with GOP values than DEM values...

GOP nedds to grow some!

There are more socially conservative people in this country than not. Even hispanics. And especially blacks.

The GOP lost this election for us because they don't have the spine to be true conservatives.

You are every way! Conservatism needs to be shouted from the rooftops. And we need to start now because contrary to what you may believe, religious people (like hispanics and blacks) are appalled by liberalism.

Grow some what, permanent minority party status?

So where are the statistics that "There are more socially conservative people in this country than not."? Or is that just 'feeling'?

We lost because the GOP has been hijacked by evagelicals who believe every question has an indisputable answer in the Bible; as a result they are inflexible in thought, incapable of political compromise and hostile to science since it contradicts their literal interpretations of Scripture. Their positions kill us with college educated women, youth in general and minorities, even those with conservative leanings.

You seem to think that doubling-down to a super-concentrated conservatism will win elections but you are so tragically mistaken, it's a shame you can't see that given what happened Tuesday. The GOP is supposed to be the party of small government, of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" and free enterprise, instead we have litmus tests to see which candidate is "born again", demands mass deportations, wants to meddle the most in who marries who and opposes all abortion the most fervently.

It's time we stop trying to shove an evangelical God down everyones throats and let them define their OWN relationship with their own concepts of god, it's just not the governments business. When that happens you'll see the conservative minded (but maybe not hard-core) cast their votes for Republican candidates again...

A change to Electoral College that is Fair and helps Conservativ

There are at least two states which Obama won and in which Republicans have complete control - Wisconsin and I think Pennsylvania - maybe others. If they would pass legislation adopting the Electoral Vote systems in Maine and Nebraska, the GOP would consistently garner another 15 to 20 votes that it now loses every time.

One electoral vote selected by Congressional District, with two elected state-wide.

It is fair and allows evey part of the states to have a say. It will require all Presidential candidates to campaign there. It limits the effect of vote fraud - fraud in one congressional district can only impact three votes - not all ten or more.

Once passed, the liberals would have to gain total control to change it - tough to do. And to adopt the plan, it must be done NOW - before it can be stopped by poli8tical pressure and before the GOP losses total control.


Excellent Article

Shared on Hype and Fail on FB at this link:

It's SO nice to see someone finally putting the blame for yesterday's debacle squarely where it belongs, and naming names!  Thank you SO much!

All those

Who got behind Romney only have themselves to blame. 

We warned you all he was garbage had no chance to win and was a fake. He is so close to Obama

only someone asleep at the wheel didnt see the mile high neon sign saying liberal big goverment fake.


Paul and the REAL constitutional heroes that supported him are the only way to turn this country around. 

Get behind, us and ACTUALLY stand for the constitutuion and our God given rights or get out of the way!

Doing the same thing, only more, is crazy

Yea- double down and lose the next one also.

You will never get the voting masses to vote on constitutional issues.

Your stand on social issues abortion, gay marriage, health care are killing you.

How about being a voice for good, help, public education, safety net and rational scientific approach to problem solving?


The problem is the elephant in the room, the theocrats running the show, A.K.A. fundamentalist christians... When your entire world-view is based on an literal interpretation of a document seen as the inerrant word of god almighty there's not a lot of room to change, grow, compromise or see things differently. Public education? Why that's socialism since there's no more prayer in school and there's usually a teachers union involved so let it wither and die... Safety net? The churches (good god-fearing ones at least) will care for the poor, you just watch and see! Rational scientific approach to problem solving? Science denies the literal seven-day-creation so it is godless, anything godless is evil, therefore science is evil, end of story. Any defeats suffered as a result of these positions are just more evidence of satan in the world, oppression of christians, martyrdom, etc. that plays right into the nasty streak of anti-intellectualism the religious right now proudly displays...

It's time we take our party BACK from these misguided people even if it costs us some of the traditional base in the short term. Besides, like the Dems and blacks, where will they vote in the future, Democratic? Not likely! And by getting God and biblical morality out of the political discourse we will see large numbers of fiscal conservatives, social moderates, latinos and parts of the great middle vote our way, a way of small government, a competitive economy and less government intrusion into our lives...

GOP Establishment

Such truth! The only silver lining is that the republicrats are exposed as ineffective and useless. They love big government almost as much as democrats do. My senators Hutchison and Cornyn are no different--- Bye Kay Bailey! Hello Ted! Time for Cornyn to retire NOW! It's time for big change --- true, strong, small government conservatives only!

Take Over GOP

Amen to the article.  I believe that we all know where the blame lies.  Now, how do we go about relieving the establishment of their power?  Electing convervatives is not enough.  It takes too long to achieve seniority or a serious following to get into a position of power.  Some impetus must be applied from outside the halls of power.

Big Government Republicans

I don't think it is only the big government Republicans, or the status quo, I think they simply don't know how to play the game. Obama certainly knew, and I am sure there were a lot of blackmail points that went into his game as well. We need to get rid of the Karl Rove's, and the Reince Priebus's and the John Boehner's and get down to business. Scott Walker found a solution to his problem, he didn't wait around whining until the Democrats decided to show up. We need to take a look at the past and see what worked for us, we need to be more inclusive, i.e. the Spanish and Latino population, and we need to be tougher.

The Battle To Takeover The GOP Begins Today

I think we need to take a totally different approach. At 69 years old I'm accepting the fact that our nation  and culture is fundamentally changed. Over fifty percent of our citizens want to move further toward a socialist society. So why should I try to fight it. I'll let the younger people who support Obama also support more of my needs. I'm starting to look for everything "I can get from the government." May look at a move to Costa Rica where I can enjoy socialism in a great sunny climate.

Conservatives Always Split the Vote

Every four years we hold out great hope of nominating a conservative.  But every four years, several conservative candidates run while only one Establishment candidate runs.  The conservative candidates destroy each other in the attempt to become "the" conservative candidate.  In the end, supporters of the various conservative candidates are at each other's throats, we split the vote, and the lone Establishment candidate wins.  So until conservatives make the decision to run ONE conservative candidate we will continue to have an Establishment Republican as our nominee.  

Leadership takeover

Last night was rhe final straw...I was a registered democrat untill 2008 when I left that trash bucket of deamons...50 years of wasted time... I never voted for any of their scumbag reps. and thought that a move to the republican side might be helpful...Big mistake...I will be changing my party affilation very shortly...I dont care that I will no longer help to elect a rep. to run...I could care less.  In Florida, there are many other choices..It looks like I will lend my support to the Florida Tea Party, and hopefully start to get this Country back to the Constitution and small government...There are way to many folks in top positions who are Progressives...They need to be defeated, and removed from positions of authority.

Don't blame Priebus

If anybody is to blame it is the NRSC (National RINO Support Committee), who have manipulated senate races and given us inept candidates.

Priebus raised huge sums of money, and spent it in concert with Mitt to fairly good effect. Mitt should have run as a stronger conservative, and he would have emerged victorious.

Bold Colors, not Pale Pastels

That's what I wanted, and I backed Herman Cain to the last gasp of his campaign.

It was HW Bush's turn, and he brought back his misunderstanding of economics, thus empowering Perot and blowing his chance at re-election.

It was Dole's turn, and he was blessed by the establishment, and of course, "The Tax Collector for the Welfare State" lost big with his wooden style.

It was McCain's turn, and he was blessed by the establishment, Dole, and Hucksterbee - even the inspired pick of Palin couldn't save him.

It was Mitt's turn, and he savaged his primary opponents, got the establishment blessing, Dole's blessing, AND McCain's blessing - in spite of fighting a much better campain that McCain, and having an energetic VP pick, he still didn't sell conservatism well. (Where's that 'no apology' when you need it?) and he lost embarassingly, especially for all the Tea partyers who had jumped on board in a serious attempt to save the country.

It can't be just anybody's turn next time, it HAS to be a conservative. I'd pay big to see Cain-Palin, but I'd also love to see Pence-Ryan, West-Rubio, or a whole host of good folks from the deep bench that we have.

Let's not blow 2014 - our last to chance to restrain and/or impeach.


This morning I sent my letter of "I resign" to the GOP.  The Good Ol Boys have screwed us once again.  Mitt Romney is a good and decent person but he was not mastch for the corruptocrat now taking a second term.  I cannot entirely blame Mitt Romney, it is the GOP mega party that is the problem.  This is not an America I recognize any more.  Exit polling among women showed that their main issue was free birth control and government paid abortion.  Good God, is that who votes now and those are the issues.  This is going to be really ugly in the next 4 years.