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Pope Plays Politics While Europe And America Are in a Moral Free Fall

“Laudato Si, On The Care Of Our Common Home”


Pope Francis’ message on global warming was a confusing distraction that dilutes his great moral authority and leadership at a time when it is desperately needed to combat real – and present – crises in the Church and in Western culture.

The encyclical, “Laudato Si, On The Care Of Our Common Home” lends the weight of the Papacy’s authority to the idea of man-made global warming at a time when not only is there more and more evidence that has come forth that global warming is a natural phenomenon, but that there is increasing concern that government “solutions” are keeping people in poverty.

To me this encyclical is most troubling because it comes at a time when Catholics, indeed Christians of all denominations, are facing persecution including torture and death (including crucifixions) in virtually every Muslim majority country and China, as well as a host of moral and spiritual challenges.

While the Pope fiddles with one controversial political issue that is not at the core of spiritual matters, our spiritual culture is burning.

Not the least of these challenges is the increasing secular pressure for the Church to abandon its scriptural teachings on sexual morality, including homosexuality and marriage in favor of acceptance of same-sex “marriage” and other practices directly contradicted by Church doctrine and scripture.

Yet in advance of the vote to legalize same-sex “marriage” in majority Catholic Ireland, the Pope was silent and never put the weight of his authority behind the Church’s scriptural teaching that marriage can only be between one man and one woman.

Likewise, the Church and Western Christian culture face a host of secular challenges to the culture of life that is central to Church doctrine and Christian teaching, but the Pope has yet to lend the weight of an encyclical to this daily battle.

In recent decades most Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Sisters have abandoned the teaching of morals.

When was the last time you heard a sermon on the need to follow God’s teachings on divorce, adultery, sex outside of marriage, pornography, illegal drugs, treatment of spouses, children, parents, etc., etc.

In America and Europe the popular culture including entertainment (movies, TV books, magazines, and the Internet) is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.  Most colleges are moral cesspools where the hook-up culture and casual sex is an accepted, even expected part of college life.

In case you haven’t noticed, the clergy sees, hears, and knows few sins.

Which means, for the most part, Catholic leaders have surrendered to the anti-religious left and abandoned the field of battle.  The people, without moral leaders, are falling victim to the lure of the Golden Calf.

Pope Francis and the Catholic Church fail to realize that they are in a life and death struggle with secularists.

It will certainly come as a surprise to most clergy when they realize that the Left for decades has lied about their true agenda. Their agenda was never – no discriminations against homosexuals, civil unions or same sex marriage

The liberals’ true agenda is to destroy religion.

And let us not forget the socialist roots of the Green movement that spawned the demand that we accept man made global warming without debate.

Today, we’re seeing the Obama Administration working to change the First Amendment from guaranteeing freedom of religion to freedom of worship.  Meaning, you will be allowed to worship God for an hour or so on Sunday inside a church, but you won’t be permitted to take and certainly not act on your faith outside of the four walls of the church.

Remember, it was only a few weeks ago that Hillary Clinton said, “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political wills.  And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

The world cries out for the Pope’s leadership on fundamental moral issues, but this encyclical is a misguided distraction from the moral free fall facing Western Civilization.

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Pope Francis

Either you don't read the Bible or you consciously choose to read it in a peculiarly narrow way. I notice that you make no reference to the 600+ times that the Bible admonishes us to help the destitute, but instead you concentrate on the 3 Biblical passages dealing with homosexuality, etc. The Pope has made it clear that his "green agenda" will ultimately help the destitute, who suffer most from the "poisoning of the planet." so which is it? Are you merely ignorant, or are you a shill for the moneyed interests with an expertise in sophistry?


The Pope should focus on cleaning his own house and stay out of World issues that he doesn't understand.

Climate change IS a moral issue

Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment is hardly a "confusing distraction". The only purpose for your referring to it as such is to distract from its importance by trying to suggest that the Pope has raised the issue over common conservative "hot button" issues.

Until conservatives abandon shabby rhetorical tactics aimed at undermining the efforts of concerned human beings to correct the real problems facing planet Earth, they will not only delay solutions but they will contribute to the problems.

tree huggers ???

It's too bad climate cycles are not caused by man. If they were, the lib fart police could just arrest all the a**holes in DC. Problem solved.

tree huggers ???

While it would be really great if man was the cause for climate cycles.Then we could just send in the lib climate police to make everyone stop farting.

He's not expert

As a practicing Catholic, I have some comments which are valid. This encyclical is the Pope's opinion; it is not a matter of dogma. It appears this Pope has read the scientific positions supporting neo-environmentalism. He goes too far, even condemning the use of air conditioning. Nonsense. It is true that we are stewards of God's creation. Sensible use of natural resources is granted in Genesis. Greenhouse gases are not destroying the atmosphere. Climate change is a natural phenomenon; the Earth goes through periods of warming and cooling. The Green movement is led by fanatics who reject the basic science of cyclical climate change.

This Pope has no moral authority. The Church has lost its way and mission in the years since Vatican II. Where there had been certainty in dogma, there is now vacillation or outright rejection. This Pope has rehabilitated Liberation theology by inviting its founder, Gustavo Gutierrez, to be a keynote speaker at an international gathering. JP II who was a promoter of all kinds of novelties, kept a tight rein on these South Americans. Lib Theology is based on Marxist principles. JP II had them under scrutiny. Cdl Ratzinger deemed it a "...fundamental threat to the faith of the Church." If he has his way, Bergoglio will reduce the Church to a social welfare organization.

While he hasn't declared himself to have formally embraced Liberation Theology, he certainly acts like he has. He has done nothing to reinforce the moral authority of the Church. He's make a good social worker; not a priest and certainly not a pope. The Holy Spirit must have been on vacation when this Marxist was elected.


Mikey 0773 suggests that the Green Movement is led by fanatics … Given the fact that 97% of the climate experts support the contention that "global warming" is primarily (though not entirely) a function of manmade mistakes involving fossil fuels, perhaps he should move toTexas where these kinds of fairy tales are more readily accepted.

Pope not an expert on environmental issues

I feel that the problems we are encountering with climate change is not man made. I can't understand why the pope is supporting the evil United Nations which supports abortions, contraceptives and sterilizations. He and the Catholic Church has lost it way. When are combating the death of Christians in the Middle East and Africa to Islamic terrorists he want us to change our ways about our environmental practices. I was born in Kentucky and I believe in coal, natural gas, and oil as sources of energy. So called renewable energy sources are not yet really affordable. The Obama government is promoting renewable energy and making traditional energy more expensive with its environmental regulations from the EPA. We can have clean energy with traditional energy sources like coal, natural gas and oil if we provide the necessary incentives. I am a practicing Catholic and a member of the Knights of Columbus and I am finding myself disagreeing with the Pope on this issue. This is first time I have to come in total disagreement with my church and my pope.


Brings to mind the centuries-old (and astonishingly accurate prophecy of Saint Malachy, that this current Pope will be the last Pope -- and that 'the city Of seven hills' will be destroyed.