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Just Say “NO” To Amnesty and Paul Ryan As Speaker

amnesty supporter Rep. Paul Ryan

In the two weeks since establishment Republican House Majority Leader Keven McCarthy unexpectedly dropped out of the race to succeed his mentor, Speaker of the House John Boehner, the inside-the-Beltway elite have scrambled mightily to find a suitably pliable replacement.

After postponing the election, so they could stall around until they win, they still haven’t been able to find a candidate who can credibly claim to appeal to conservatives, so they’ve apparently settled upon another strategy – forcing House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan down the throats of reluctant conservatives.

And it just might work unless members hear from their constituents that they want no part of a Speaker of the House, like Paul Ryan, who favors amnesty for illegal aliens, open borders and the rest of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce agenda that would continue the destruction of the quality of life of America’s working families.

Alabama’s principled limited government constitutional conservative Senator Jeff Sessions got it right when he said the next Speaker of the House should push for the immigration concerns of the American people, and “be engaged in presenting the moral and legal case for many of the ideas that we Republicans believe in.”

Paul Ryan’s intellect and formidable communications skills would seem to be ideally suited for such a role, but unfortunately he his wrong on just about every issue of concern to grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives.

Our friend Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies posed the question, “Would a Speaker Ryan Push Through Amnesty?” in a column for National Review.

After a lengthy examination of Paul Ryan’s pro-amnesty record Krikorian concluded that “A vote for Paul Ryan is a vote for Gang of Eight style amnesty that includes massive increases in legal immigration and replacing American workers with foreign-born workers.”

That Ryan has been a proponent of amnesty should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the amnesty debate, and the role of Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio in advancing the idea of granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

But Krikorian might bring many conservatives up short with his detailed documentation of how Paul Ryan has pushed for open borders and more legal immigration as well as amnesty.

Krikorian wrote, “I think it’s almost certain Ryan would bring an amnesty/immigration-surge bill to the House floor, which would pass with monolithic Democratic support plus enough Gutierrez Republicans to get to 218.”

Mark Krikorian explains this is because for Ryan immigration isn’t a matter of appeasing corporate lobbyists, as with Boehner, or a response to changes in his district’s electorate, as with McCarthy. 

Ryan is a true-believer in unlimited employer-driven immigration, says Krikorian. 

John Fonte writes that Ryan is the leading figure in the faction he labels “neo-Kemp idealists” on immigration. Bob Costa’s long NRO piece in 2013 on Ryan’s central role in pushing for ever-higher levels of immigration, inspired by Kemp, cites an earlier Wired observation that Ryan’s “ties to the pro-immigration mafia ran deep.”

Paul Mirengoff at Powerline notes the curious result of a Ryan speakership:

It would be ironic, but perhaps not altogether surprising, if the Republican Freedom Caucus pushed John Boehner out and stymied Kevin McCarthy for being insufficiently hard-line conservatives, only to consent to Luis Gutierrez’s favorite choice for Republican Speaker.

 Krikorian is right about Ryan and open borders. As we noted back in 2013:

We think Pat Buchanan made a great point when he wrote in a July 2, 2013 column, “Why the Reagan Democrats Departed” that, “For a generation, when forced to choose between Middle America and corporate America, on NAFTA, most-favored nation for China, and free trade, the GOP establishment opted to go with the Fortune 500. In the GOP the corporate conservative rides up front; the social, cultural and patriotic conservatives in the back of the bus…”

Unfortunately, along with Paul Ryan’s fine personal qualities comes a penchant for granting the kind of deference to the interests of the establishment Republican Party’s corporate paymasters that Pat Buchanan decried.

Regular readers of CHQ will recall that one of our chief objections to Jeb Bush’s campaign for the Republican nomination for President is that many of his positions on the issues that matter to conservative voters are the same as Hillary Clinton’s.

Which of course begs the question why would conservatives want as Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, whose immigration policy objectives are also the same as the leading Democratic candidate for President?

Yet if Paul Ryan became Speaker of the House that’s exactly what Republicans would get, especially on amnesty for illegal immigrants and the open borders corporate-sponsored mass immigration policies that are wrecking the quality of life for millions of American families.

Stalling the vote to elect a new Speaker is all about those who have been wrecking the country keeping their power in Congress, and thwarting the will of We the People. And of course the establishment media – including what one might call the “conservative establishment” are right there covering for them.

We urge you to join our effort to end the stalling and elect a conservative Speaker by signing our open letter to the House Republican Conference through this link. Or you can call your Representative – the House switchboard is 1-866-220-0044 – to tell them you want a conservative Speaker like Daniel Webster, not an amnesty supporter like Rep. Paul Ryan.

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Speaker Position

Common sense dictates the experienced accomplished former Speaker Newt Gingrich should be elected to the vacant Speaker position. Newt can kick butt, make things happen, and rally the troops quickly.

paul ryan

Why is this even up for discussion? We had one RINO in charge for years with disastrous results and the near - if not complete - destruction of his party and the two-party system which has balanced this country for a century. Now we might be rid of him, and we're looking at just another RINO? This is perhaps the last chance the Republican Party has to redeem itself in the eyes of its base, the conservative people of America. If we throw this away on a so-called "unity" candidate who will continue to do Obama's and the corporatists' bidding we will have lost the party and the system. Why is Trump getting ratings while true conservatives such as Jindal and Cruz are behind? Because they have aligned themselves with the Republican Party. The party label is dragging them down. Trump is the "non Republican" in the race. If the Republican Party shapes up and begins to stand on principle again, as it did under Reagan, we will see a strong resurgence in conservative power in America and a long-overdue righting of the ship of state. Dump Ryan. We have good strong Republican candidates with records to run on - like Daniel Webster. Run them. Support them. Quit looking under every bush and behind every shed for some RINO disguised as a "unity candidate" that won't stand up to Democrats and other RINOs and crony capitalists. Enough is finally enough. DUMP RYAN. PERIOD.


What about the option Meadows was going to submit if Boehner hadn't of said he will resign. TIme to implement that.


Rumors abound that one of the House conservatives will move a privileged motion to vacate the chair effectively firing Boehner as Speaker - such a motion can't be stalled by the establishment GOP House "leadership," but nothing firm to back-up those rumors has come forth from any of our conservative friends in the House. If we hear anything it will go up as a FLASH on CHQ.