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Report From Real America: “Damn Obama, every time he goes on TV we sell out of ammo…”

Gun StoreAcross America 2015 was a banner year for gun sales, and a member of our CHQ family filed this report from Florida demonstrating how Americans outside-the-Beltway react to President Obama’s regular threats to flaunt the Second Amendment and Section 1, Clause 1 of the Constitution:



I'm at my house in Florida and went to my favorite local range to shoot my new "Christmas present to me" pistol. 

When I finished up I decide to pick up some ammo on special at one of the Big Box Sporting Goods stores.  I wouldn’t normally shop there because they have been sissies about 'assault weapons' but I'm cheap.  

So I went over to the big shopping center, but not only were they out of the cheap special, they had almost no 9MM left, even the expensive personal protection loads were almost gone. So I decided to go to Wally World to replenish my range bag. 

After standing around in line waiting for a clerk to show up to unlock the ammo case a guy in front of me bought all their remaining 9MM, plus an armload of 5.56.  

After I expressed a certain amount of annoyance at the world's largest retailer being out of the most common pistol ammunition in the world the sporting goods clerk said, "Damn Obama, every time he goes on TV we sell out of ammo." He also said Obama was the "worst President ever," unsolicited by me, I might add. 

By this time I'm on a mission. One of the other disappointed Wally World customers mentioned "the farm store" might have some ammunition on special, so I drove up the road to "the farm store." 

When I entered the store it didn't look too busy, but when I turned into the sporting goods section it was wall-to-wall people - literally a solid U-shaped line snaked through the aisles to the counter where the guns and ammunition were sold. 

While I was waiting in line they sold at least a dozen guns - four clerks were constantly busy. But lo-and-behold when I got to the counter they had 9MM on special for the same cheap price as the Big Box Sporting Goods store. I bought 200 rounds figuring that was all I could get in my suitcase, but after sleeping on it I figured I should buy a couple more boxes, so I went back this morning... 

I got there at 8:00 a.m. and the nice lady at the counter said, "We sold out yesterday afternoon, every time President Obama mentions guns we sell out..." 

Our colleague says that gun stores all over his part of Florida are reporting similar runs on their inventory. 

Chris Magnant, who manages Quick Draw Defense in Sarasota, Florida, told reporter Lee Williams of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune that it is "defensive" weapons that most people are seeking.  

Magant calls these customers "the silent majority." 

"Regardless of their political persuasion, people are starting to take responsibility for their own safety," he told Williams. "And after all, we are still a nation of riflemen." 

Our colleague's experience in Florida seems to be borne out in other parts of the country as well. “We’ve seen an increase in handgun sales and in ammo sales,” Dan Mahoney, owner of Mahoney’s Outfitters in Johnson City, Tennessee told The Johnson City Press. “The people who are purchasing are people who have never purchased before, and we’re noticing there’s a lot of older people.” 

“It’s kinda went crazy right now as far as the business we’ve had,” said Tommy Isaacs of the Tri-Cities Gun Depot. “We’ve sold over three quarters of our inventory over the last three weeks. It’s double what it normally is this time of year.” 

Both Mahoney and Isaacs told reporter Becky Campbell customers are telling them the gun purchases are because people are afraid for their own safety. 

“They say they’re buying because they don’t feel like the government is protecting us,” Mahoney said. “That’s a theme I didn’t use to hear.” 

Isaacs said he also has customers say they don’t feel safe. 

“We get a lot of people who are first time buyers getting shotguns for home protection. I think a lot of the talk about bringing all the refugees in really has people scared,” Isaacs said. “I think the public is really concerned for their safety.”

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