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Ted Cruz Committed Political Suicide On National TV

The much anticipated speech Ted Cruz delivered to the Republican National Convention last night was a soaring anthem to liberty that lacked but one thing to make it, and Ted Cruz, great; an endorsement of the Trump – Pence ticket. 

Failing to endorse the Trump – Pence ticket last night was not good for Ted Cruz, conservatives, Republicans, and America. 

Cruz speechAnd most importantly for those of us who endorsed Ted Cruz and worked for him in the Republican primaries, he betrayed the trust we gave him that he was a bigger man than his attackers and that there was a cause greater than self in the hard-fought battles of the Republican primaries. 

And I think it was this sense that Ted Cruz did not live up to his own rhetoric that stung his former supporters and emboldened his detractors the most, because in his speech he laid out this case for forgiveness and greatness of heart that he then refused to embrace in his own life and political career:

Our party was founded to defeat slavery. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. 

We passed the Civil Rights Act, and fought to eliminate Jim Crow laws. 

Those were fights for freedom, and so is this. 

Sergeant Michael Smith stood up to protect our freedom. 

So do our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines fighting radical Islamic terrorism. 

So did the family of Alton Sterling, who bravely called to end the violence. 

So did the families of those murdered at the Charleston Emanuel AME church, who forgave that hateful, bigoted murderer. 

And so can we. 

We deserve leaders who stand for principle. Unite us all behind shared values. Cast aside anger for love. That is the standard we should expect, from everybody. 

And right there is where Senator Cruz should have said, “And that is why I plan to be home in Texas on Election Day to vote for the Republican ticket, from President and Vice President at the top, to state and local offices at the bottom.” 

Yes, Ted, in an election where the future of our country and constitutional liberty are on the line we do expect that from everybody – including you.  

Instead of embracing the Biblical principles of forgiveness and love in the face of hate Cruz engaged in a bit of too clever by half word play to say:

And to those listening, please, don't stay home in November. Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.  

And everyone in the room and the millions of viewers at home immediately understood Senator Cruz was giving the #NeverTrump cabal, and those inclined to act on a false sense of righteousness, a dog whistle of permission to not vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. 

That was a hole not even Newt Gingrich could dig Cruz out of, as mightily as he tried. 

The reaction to Cruz’s speech that came in to me and to CHQ was white hot, quick and devastating to Cruz’s personal and political future. Here are just a few of the comments from prominent conservatives who are attending the Republican National Convention with me and from other individuals who attended a private meeting before which Senator Cruz spoke just a few days ago:

1. I’m ashamed that I voted for Ted Cruz in the Massachusetts’ Republican Primary.

2. I thought Ted Cruz was a man of integrity. Tonight he proved -- beyond a shadow of a doubt -- that he isn’t. He made a solemn pledge to support the Republican nominee. And he broke that crucial promise.

3. I thought Ted Cruz was a patriot. Tonight, he proved he isn’t. However bitter and angry he is at Donald Trump, he knows that Trump is the only person standing between Hillary Clinton (a liar, a fraud, a thief and a traitor) and the presidency. And yet – after meticulously laying out the case against another 4 to 8 years of leftist tyranny -- he refused to endorse the one man who can put an end to our long national nightmare.

4. Cruz wasn’t driven by principle, but by ego. He can’t accept the fact that the party chose Trump over him. 

5. Ted Cruz made the worst mistake of his political career. Millions of us will never forget or forgive his betrayal. He will never be his party’s nominee for president. He will never hold the highest office in the land.

6. Pence crushed Cruz.  Newt crushed Cruz. Ted Cruz looks like a sore loser.  He does not look Reaganesque at all.

7. Ted Cruz is a very small man. 

After failing to endorse the Trump – Pence ticket last night, in the eyes of most conservatives with whom I spoke, Ted Cruz became just another self-centered politician who walked back on a promise, failed to live up to his own Biblical standards and, when the battle raged the fiercest, put his own petty hurts before the future of his country and the conservative cause.  

I still like the Ted Cruz I thought I knew – the devoted family man, the loving father and husband, the talented lawyer, speaker, rhetorician and constitutional scholar. 

But last night Ted Cruz pleased the 5% of #NeverTrump Republicans and disappointed and angered the vast majority in the conservative movement. In doing so Ted Cruz lost his chance to be the leader of the conservative movement, and effectively handed that mantle over to Mike Pence, in whom conservatives are now likely to invest their time, energy, resources and hopes to advance the conservative agenda.

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Ted Cruz

How about posting the real Cruz supporters comments. I support Cruz all the way. He is a the true constitutional conservative and speaks for all the true conservatives out there, not the Trump supporters who claim they were Cruz supporters at one time. Cruz has every right not to support Trump, his family comes first. He is a principle man who stands up for his principles. Nobody is going to endorse a man who trashed his wife and family. And after all Trump voided the pledge on March 29, 2916, the media won't report on that. Get over it and move on!! I though Trump didn't need Cruz's endorsement.

Natural Born Citizen?

The Constitution requires that the President be a natural born citizen, but the Constitution does not define that term. Based on the Naturalization Act of 1790, Senator Cruz would probably qualify as a natural born citizen.

In the case of Senator Cruz, the facts are clear; the question is the legal meaning of the term. By contrast, the case of President Obama involves a refusal to divulge documents, the genuineness of documents released, and contradictory claims by Obama himself over the years.

I could discuss this at greater length, but the question is moot for now because Senator Cruz is no longer a candidate for President.

Who is the real villain in this mess?

I am thoroughly disappointed in you, Mr. Richard A. Viguerie. CHQ, under you leadership, has now compromised its conservative principles.

How could you have so little understanding of an honest man with great integrity? Where does all this hatred come from?

Just why was it so damnably important that Ted Cruz belly up to the Trump bar and act as though the man he might have endorsed had nothing but nice things to say about the people most important in his life.

Mr. Trump threw out threats to "spill the beans on Heidi" and them promoted the total lie that Cruz's father was a cohort in the Kennedy assassination.

You are supposed to be a journalist, not a hatchet man.

Did it ever occur to you that Mr. Trump, if successful in this election, might be running for re-election in 2020? (Rhetorical question!)

It would be in perfect keeping with his "making the deal" to set this up to eliminate Cruz from the scene in 2020 by utterly destroying him now.

This all stinks to high heaven and you are now party to Senator Cruz's obliteration. Cruz's speech did not attack Trump in any way. It just didn't satisfy the Donald's ego fully without a slurpy "endorsement" which he obviously couldn't do. The Donald could have avoided all of his with a simple public apology and withdrawal of accusations.

Ted Cruz is still the staunchest defender of the Constitution and Conservatism, but you and Mr. Trump have thrown him to the wolves. To me he would have, without a doubt, made a better president than Mr. Trump.

I will be supporting Mr. Trump, as the lesser of evils, just as I know Senator Cruz will also. He just will not give the Donald the satisfaction of stomping him into the mud.

We, never the less, need Senator Cruz in the Senate, and I am personally supporting him with that. But you are certainly aware that your little self-serving tirade has fully armed any competitor for his Senate seat with a hell of a lot of putrid crude that you have put into print. Or do you have another candidate in mind already to support against Cruz. That would explain your vindictive attitude and your vile repetition of stupid comments of his enemies.

You will have to live with that, Mr. Richard A. Viguerie. But then, I guess you can take it.

Great response

I couldn't have said it better myself. Loyal and principled constitutional conservatives are behind Cruz all the way.
Sad to see so many who are willing to sell out for party and not principles.
Cruz is the man he was and always will be...a man of faith and principles. Anti establishment and willing to courageously stand alone while others are willing to follow the herd in fear.
Also...remember Reagan did not endorse Ford. Rubio didn't endorse Trump in his video message...why must Cruz?

Ted Cruz, the evangelical candidate?

Since when is forgiveness "backing down"?

Mr. Viguerie is right; for a guy who tried to run his entire campaign as the evangelical candidate, he sure seems full of unforgiving hate to me. Cruz could have come out and told the world how and why he had forgiven Trump for his transgressions, and been the better man for it. I am sure it would have served his future political purposes far better than the petulant, unforgiving man who turned his back on the People's choice, as the People booed him off the stage.

Actually Reagan Did Endorse Ford

Here's a link to the commercial where he says let's keep President Ford on the job

The stupidity of ego and misguided self righteousness

I always liked Ted Cruz and without a doubt thought of him as the best and brightest of all the candidates. BUT, I also recognized that Donald Trump brought innumerable and different strengths to the political stage that have been so lacking in the GOP since Ronald Reagan. Populism and business -- not political -- experience. I essentially predicted Donald Trump would succeed in my 08/05/2015 comment “They may try to call him Donald Duck, but . . . . .” This week I was proven right. And I am also right about this. Unless the GOP wins in November, there will be no America left for Ted Cruz to win in 2020. All righteous Republicans and conservatives who won’t vote for Trump to save America from the ravages to come from the criminal crony capitalistic state the Clinton mob will further leverage with Wall Street, K Street and their union friends for their own personal wealth and benefit are blind to reality. You are living in a dream state that will become America’s nightmare. You lack the 20/20 vision to see what a Clinton America will do against you, your children and generations to come. Go ahead and be the innocent, but righteous martyrs who would rather vote their conscience and burn at the stake of evilness that shrouds both the outgoing Obama regime and the incoming Clinton machine. You will deserve what the Clintons put upon you. YOU will be responsible for passing it on to your children and grandchildren and future generations. Sadly, America does not deserve to suffer the consequences of your stupidity to face political reality and VOTE AGAINST Hillary Clinton. And because of this you, like Ted Cruz, will have no future.

I can't believe you are saying this

Mr. Viguerie, I'm absolutely appalled. I cannot believe that you would say this.

This is most certainly the Ted Cruz that I know. This is the Ted Cruz that always fights for conservatism. That always does what is right. That doesn't back down. That doesn't compromise. That doesn't give in. That stands for truth even if it means it will ruin his political career. That stands for truth even if it means that he has to stand against his own party. Yes, even if that means that he has to stand against the country that he loves and has fought so hard to restore.

This is the Ted Cruz that is willing to go into the lions den and and lift up the standard of truth, even if that means he gets devoured.

Why are you joining the lions?

It is hard for me to believe that you are willing to banish a man of integrity from conservatism, just because he values truth and freedom more than this country or life itself. Look not on those things which are seen, but on those which are not seen. For those things which are seen are temporal, but those which are not seen are eternal. Truth and integrity mean more to Cruz than his political career, than this country, or even life itself. That what being a Christian is: it is acknowledging that you are a stranger and pilgrim in this world, and that you must seek to please God and his Son your Savior, and not men. No matter the cost.

Had Cruz endorsed Trump, he would have shown himself to be a phony conservative and a hypocritical Christian. Had he endorsed Trump against his conscience, he would have shown himself to be a man with no integrity. But he stood for what he believed was right. He fought for truth. He would not compromise. Aren't those all of the things we wish other folks in Washington had?

You yourself have pointed out that Donald Trump is representative of the most debased moral depravity of America. That you would stand with such a man as that against such a man as Ted Cruz shows that you may value country more than conservatism and the truth of God—I can't see your heart, of course, but I think it is time conservatives do some soul-searching and decide what is more valuable.

I have already made my decision, and it seems that Cruz has as well: stand for truth no matter the cost. The cost of standing against Trumpism may be Hillary Clinton, and loosing this country; the cost of sinning against God by valuing prosperity over principle is much higher: it is loosing the soul of conservatism, and possibly our own souls as well.

I pray that God will raise up more men like Cruz who will continue the fight to restore America even after Trump has ravaged it.

Power in Earth to Gain aspot in Hell

My subject line described the politicians today. You said it very well. i'm disappointed with Mr. Cruz, but not because he didn't endorsed the devil, but because he shows up there.

I can't believe you are saying this

I can't believe you are defending Cruz, he would rather have Hillary win than Trump for personal reasons.

he would rather have Hillary win than Trump

"he would rather have Hillary win than Trump for personal reasons"

Why would one even think such?

Please provide sources to support your false claim.

I agree with you J.D.

We are in an alternate universe-----I even saw Bible verses being sent out by pastors to slam Ted Cruz's very positive speech-----expect those of us who try to live a life based on Christian and Constitutional principles to continue to face wrath and scorn. However, a friend who was on the floor in Cleveland during Cruz's speech told me, despite how it is being reported, that there were many who were alarmed by the orchestrated booing----so it is NOT True that All delegates were demanding the endorsement. Very disappointed in Viguerie----will he comment on Trumps meltdown on Friday??? Trump is losing because he is alienating so many people including me.

What principles were served by Ted's speech?

We still admire Ted Cruz, as Mr. Viguerie's column says, and had Ted Cruz given the speech you just wrote for him we would have had a different take -- but he didn't. Instead, as the column says, everyone in the room and the millions of viewers at home immediately understood Senator Cruz was giving the #NeverTrump cabal, and those inclined to act on a false sense of righteousness, a dog whistle of permission to not vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. That Trump is an imperfect vessel for doing the work that needs to done no one disputes, but helping to elect Hillary Clinton strikes us as not the Christian path but a descent into prideful righteousness. Luke 18:9, “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

Light of Day

Mr. Viguerie,

I'm sorry it had to come to this for you to see what many of us saw a long time ago. This man just oozed the self-serving attitude that couldn't possibly be a successful president. Trump isn't perfect, but at least he's honest and seems to genuinely have the best interest of the people of this country at heart.

Leading Not Following

This is a horribly horribly misguided analysis, and it's truly disappointing to see someone as well regarded as Mr. Viguerie basically advocating that Cruz should have surrendered the mantle of conservatism to a vile populist know-nothing like Trump.

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but for those of us looking for a post TRUMP future for conservatism (and perhaps the Republican party), Ted Cruz is lighting the way. And Americans across the political aisle stood up and took notice last night. Twitter and social media have been ablaze with buzz in the aftermath of his speech, the accolades from Democrats and Independents is unprecedented. They finally heard a Republican message that they could embrace.

While Pence eagerly threw himself into the toxic stew that is Trumpism, Cruz resisted and instead articulated brilliantly the case for constitutional conservatism and the principle virtue at its core: individual freedom. At a time when we are deeply divided as Americans, he struck a welcome chord not just with conservatives but Americans across the spectrum. In that speech, he showed us that we absolutely can come together as a nation to unite behind SHARED VALUES.

This, Mr Viguerie, is what leadership is. And that is what we need much more of.



Ted Cruz

I was a Ted Cruz supporter during the primary but he lost! It's now the Trump - Pence ticket that stands between Hillary and the White house, not to mention influencing the Supreme Court for the next generation or two. All Ted had to say was "I'm voting for the Republican ticket this November".

Actions speak louder than words

Is it really that hard to understand?
Is it about this country or is it about individuals?
Donald Trump may be coarse in his speech, but not in his values.
The axiom requires no verbal interpretation.
Look at what Trump has done with family, employees and charitable organizations.
You don’t know a person by what he says, but by what he does.
It’s the country stupid!
To Cruz, his feelings are more important than this country.
He put his feelings ahead of the future for his family, his children and his party.
Trump hurt Cruz. Cruz hurt us all.

I have a feeling the group

I have a feeling the group you are talking about drank the trumpade. Cruz is a principled man and if he had endorsed Trump, that would make him as big a hypocrite as the rest. How any true conservative could even consider endorsing Trump is beyond me. His speech was the best of all. He kept his honor in tact and was telling people they should really be thinking about who they are voting for.

Yes, you are exactly

Yes, you are exactly right-----the media, blogoshere, and republican establishment are now telling us not to believe what we hear with our own ears and see with our own eyes-----our choice this election is between the totalitarian left and the new totalitarian right under Trump----sad, but I refuse to drink the koolade, no matter who tries to force it down my throat.

Thank you

Ever the gentleman, Mr. Viguerie shares both his thoughts, the views of others and his wisdom with us all.

Mr. Cruz made matters even worse with his explanation earlier today.

To those who are seeking to make a case to justify what Mr. Cruz did, you need to stop. Mr. Trump won the nomination fair & square. The primary is long over. It was time to move on over a month ago. Yet, Mr. Cruz did not and with his speech last night, and his statements earlier today, he ended any chance he ever had of becoming President, and may well have ended his political future in the Senate.

People need to understand. You are either with Trump / Pence, or you are not. If you are not voting for Trump / Pence, whether you are staying home, voting for someone else, or voting third party, you are voting for Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately, with his speech last night & his statements earlier today to the Texas delegation, Mr. Cruz told us all, he is for Hillary Clinton.

It's Cruz or Lose

Richard, with all due respect, you have it completely backwards. If you haven't read it already, Jonah Goldberg at NRO articulated things perfectly, here:

That aside, if you're now of a mind to invest your hopes for conservatism in Mike Pence, I wish you luck. Gird yourself for much disappointment. Pence is the kind of weak-kneed "conservative" Republican who has gotten us into the very messes we are now trying to dig our way out of. He is not the future. He is the past, and we know where that road leads because we have been on it for many many years.

So this is where we part ways.

It's Cruz or lose. At least until someone with as much or more courage comes along to represent our shared values.

Amazing how many people are

Amazing how many people are missing the point-----Cruz told us to vote----this will be the best hope for maintaining the House and Senate in 2017----this was a message that should our conscience and uphold the Constitution and promote freedom-----that Trump supporters did not think that was a description of Trump----that and Trump's speech on Friday morning tells me all I need to know----Thursday night trump had my vote with much reservation----Friday Trump lost this election with his pure stupidity.

I can understand why it would

I can understand why it would be difficult for Cruz to endorse Trump based on Trump's comments about Cruz's wife and father. Therefore, he should NEVER have agreed to be a speaker at the convention. He saw what he thought would be a great political opportunity for himself, while throwing the country under the bus. It is IMPERATIVE that Trump win this election; the alternative is unthinkable. If we lose this election, the country is lost forever. And that is not hyperbole. So Cruz's admonition to vote your conscience was his oblique way of saying vote third party, thereby giving the election into Hillary. Also known as throwing the country under the bus. Shame on him. I used to have such respect and admiration for Cruz. No longer. He is just one more self-serving politician. I am so thankful that he didn't win the nomination even though he was my first choice. What a disgrace.


After Trump had insulted Cruz's wife and his father Cruz couldn't possibly support Trump, whether or not he might otherwise have thought well of Trump.

Should have stayed home

He and Heidi were treated like skunks at the party, because that's what they were.
He could have made a statement that he could not personally endorse Trump after the insults to his family, AND STAYED HOME.
We were instead treated to a flat and small-minded speech which has done much harm to Cruz.
Further, it shows where the real class lies when Ken Cucinelli, whose RNC rules reform package was denied a roll-call vote because of the stupid attempts of the NeverTrumpers to piggyback his efforts, was the upstanding gentleman who escorted Heidi out through the crowd which Ted had made hostile.

To hell with Ted - Cucinelli for president!


Ted Cruz had few political friends he could count on - in either Chamber - before last night's occurrence, now he has none. His presidential aspirations are now dead. He proved, like John Kasich, to be a spiteful little man whose personal ambition outweighed his character.

No way to defend this.

Consider that there is so much more at stake than someone's bruised ego or "personal honor." This is not about TC, it's about the FUTURE of our children! No one cares that one man got his feelings hurt - that man should be big enough to put his personal feelings aside and prioritize what's really more important here.

CRUZ had a choice

The idea that Cruz had no choice is fallacious. Trump attacked Cruz's wife AFTER a Cruz Super-pack attacked Trump's wife. Cruz could have taken the higher ground, he could have apologized on behalf of a superpack that he didn't control - that would have made him a statesman and put himself above Trump.

He didn't, instead he escalated. Now at the convention instead of choosing the path of a statesman, someone to be proud of and emulate once again he chose to appear as a butt-hurt arrogant ass. You don't get to see someone burn their future and their life to the ground live on television very often so at least that was interesting. I am sad for him, there is no do-over for this and now TRUMP is the better man. Doofus.

Ted Cruz' Dilemma

Let me correct a couple of factual errors: (1) When Trump posted that insulting photo of Cruz' wife Heidi next to the glamour shot of his own Melania, Cruz DID take the high road and replied, "Donald, your wife is lovely and my Heidi is the love of my life." (2) For Ted Cruz to apologize or say anything else on behalf of any superPAC would have been a violation of federal election laws (which Trump had falsely accused Cruz of doing).

As it was, Cruz' speech Wednesday night did not "throw the country under the bus." He congratulated Trump on his nomination, reminded the audience of the core Constitutional values that all small-r republicans (and many big-R Republicans) share, and exhorted the audience members to vote their consciences. For nearly all the delegates, and for myself, that means supporting the Trump-Pence ticket. In any event, Cruz'speech (though hopefully not the ideals expressed therein) will be long forgotten four years from now.

Lastly, Donald Trump may be the only man to ever insult a Texan's wife, refuse to apologize, and leave with all his teeth still in his mouth.

Still Time to Endorse

I am disappointed that Senator Cruz did not endorse Donald Trump last night, but I do not agree that he is a "sore loser" or a "small man."

I believe Senator Cruz stood by his principles and refused to endorse because he is not yet convinced that Trump will stand by the Constitution.

Yes, Cruz did promise to endorse the nominee -- and he still may do so. But Mr. Viguerie, what would you do if Trump had said about your wife the things he said about Heidi Cruz?

Interestingly, Trump saw Cruz's speech beforehand and allowed him to speak anyway. That says a lot about Trump. Perhaps he recognizes that, after all the things he said about Ted and Heidi Cruz, Cruz may need a little more time.

It's not too late for Cruz to make an endorsement. The election is 3+ months away. During that time, I hope Trump will demonstrate his commitment to the Constitution and Cruz will make good on his pledge to endorse the nominee.

Cruz speech great

Cruz had great speech for freedom which we happen to be losing. Why do you say Cruz was trying to appeal to the 5% never trump group. If you look, Cruz was never involved with never trump. e's fighting FOR something not Against something! He's fighting FOR the SOUL of America! He has not been nasty to Trump. Now on the other hand you cannot say that about Trump. The media has become a disgrace. Just like Melania's speech..she said a lot of good things, but media just keeps the one negative snippet flying. Cruz is a great defender of the constitution and liberty..and for that we should be thankful to him. He's doing what he said he would do. A rarity now days.

Poor Sports Don't Tally Points for Egotism

Ted Cruz, who certainly dished out equal amounts of vitriolic negativity to his opponent, Donald Trump, just Crashed and Burned at the Republican National Convention, by holding resentment and hatred in his heart, and denying His Saviors own words "Forgive and you will be forgiven. For he who does not forgive his brother will not be forgiven for his transgressions." It's not a matter of should he forgive, but it is a demand of Jesus. It's not a choice if you call yourself a CHRISTIAN! Don't keep repeating what Trump said about Cruz, because he's continuing the NeverTrump mantra because he's an immature adult who holds hatred and jealousy in his heart. Believe me when I say, resentment and jealousy play a large part of Cruz's vitriolic self grandstanding. Pride cometh before the fall!

Ted Cruz

Up until Ted Cruz decided to run for the Presidency, I admired him and considered him to be a rising conservative star in the United States Senate. For someone who presents himself as a believer in and supporter of the Constitution, I could never comprehend how he considered himself to be eligible to run for the office, since he is clearly not a "Natural Born Citizen." That being said,I do understand his dislike for Donald Trump and some of the careless, mean-spirited comments he made regarding virtually all of his opponents in the Republican primary, specifically referring to Cruz' wife and father and that is one characteristic of Trump's personality that I don't like either. Nonetheless, if Cruz could not honor his word and commitment to support the duly elected and confirmed ticket for the upcoming Presidential election, he should never have set foot on the stage of the Convention. As you have indicated in your article, he has come across as petty, hypocritical, unforgiving, dishonest, self-serving and has likely eliminated himself from serious consideration of any high level position in the Republican party and sabotaged his ability to effectively serve in the Senate from this day forth. It is a tragedy as Cruz has much to offer to our Country and he will now be remembered and known for this lack of good judgement.

You nailed it

Ted Cruz did not inherit his citizenship from a citizen father at his birth, and therefore is not a natural born citizen. He is not eligible for the Office of President.The fact that he presents himself as a "principled Constitutionalist" makes his run for the presidential office particularly egregious. He is a Harvard law school graduate and therefore should know better. His Christian testimony is irreparably compromised not only by this run, but by his loose and opportunistic (ab)use of Scripture in order to buy the "evangelical" vote. A principled Constitutionalist and a righteous Christian would not run for the office of President if he were not legally eligible, simply because he fears God and loves His law!The game was over for him the moment he began his run.


Apparently, Ted isn't smart enough to be POTUS. Only an idiot would do what he did last night.

Ted Cruz had no real choice

When I first read of Ted Cruz' failure to endorse Trump, my reaction was the same as yours. But considering his explanation, and the vicious lies Trump told during the primary, not about Cruz himself, but about his wife and father, I don't think he had any real choice but to do as he did. At the end of the day, he has to go home and face himself and his family, and be able to say that he did the right thing as best he could. To explicitly endorse Donald Trump would have been to throw his wife and father under the bus for the sake of "party unity" and his own political career. I'm sure that this was one of the most difficult decisions of Ted Cruz' life, as all of his instincts were to "get over it" and endorse the party's nominee, as Reagan did in 1976. However, I don't recall Gerald Ford ever insulting Nancy Reagan or accusing Ronald Reagan's father of participating in the Kennedy assassination.

As one who a year ago was forced to abandon his career and take early retirement (at great cost) rather than violate the ethical rules of his profession, I believe that I would have done the same thing as Ted Cruz did last night. Political or professional suicide is preferable to moral suicide. "But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." I Timothy 5:8, NKJV. A person of integrity has no real choice in these matters.

You are so wrong...

Cruz demonstrated that he is not a team player, that he puts himself first above the best interest of the country. And you, sir, are full of crap.

Jesus Demands Christians Forgive, Not an Option!

Not only did Ted Cruz crash and burn at his own volition, but he committed the Sin of not forgiving his brother, which is not an option but a demand by Jesus, who said, "but if you do not forgive your brother, neither will the Father forgive you your transgressions (sins)." Ted Cruz does not understand the Doctrine of "Forgiveness". Cursed, derided, bruised, defiled, She beheld Her tender child. Jesus forgave his enemies as he hung on the Cross and was literally excoriated from head to foot. Ted won't get a free pass on Judgement Day. Neither will Donald, but for those who were given much, much more will be expected. Trump is a Newbie in the Christian faith, and Ted was supposed to be grounded. The tables are turned now, and he's making Trump look like a hero, because Trump actually signaled the people, who were booing Cruz off the stage, to stop!

Ted Cruz

Some people take a stand on their values and principles, others don't; either because they have none, or because what they want is more important that the principles and values they talk about.

We saw a man at the convention who continued to stand on his principles, while congratulating the winner of the nomination, advocating for a wall, pushing for a halt to Muslim immigration without vetting, supported our law enforcement officers, pushed for the retention of our country's freedoms and economic security, and advocated for the defeat of Hillary Clinton. And because he did all of that without uttering the so-called magic word "endorse," then he is some kind of a horrible person? Not hardly.

What kind of Republican boos when a person stands up and says that we should be faithful to the Constitution? That is something that you would expect to hear at a Democrat convention. Trump and his supporters are the ones who come off as being petty with their whipped-up boos, haranguing of Heidi Cruz, and Trump coming in during Cruz's speech in order to disrupt it. Trump is a master manipulator. Even though Trump came out the winner for the nomination, he just couldn't help himself, he felt that he had to stick it to Cruz for daring to oppose him. Those bullying moves by Trump and his campaign operatives are the true "sour grapes" here.

Ted Cruz's speech

This was an excellent speech, but unfortunately Trump bullying is becoming the modus operandi for the entire party. Grow up people, Trump knew the speech word-for-word two days ahead of time and felt that supporting the RNC wasn't enough, everything has to be all about him. And his followers (like sheep) fell right into his ploy. Sad, America could have been great again.

Ginny you nailed it. Ted was

Ginny you nailed it. Ted was not out for himself or trying to put down anyone, but rather try to inspire a movement. A positive movement. Thanks for sharing

Cruz is a traitor

Cruz who is a Christian he says should forgive Trump who really was a bad person in commenting negative things about Cruz's wife and father. That is a legitimate reason to be angry at Trump but Cruz just ended his political career forever in the USA.

this is on Trump

Don't you see you have it backwards? If Ted Cruz were a self-centered politician, he would have done exactly what the establishment (and you) wanted. He would have ignored principle, and he would have come out and given a glowing endorsement of Donald Trump as the best person possible to lead our country.

Yes, the same Donald Trump that called Ted's wife ugly and threatened her. And the same Donald Trump that linked Ted's father to the Kennedy assassination. And the same Donald Trump that called Ted names for months and slandered him.

The fact is, before Ted's speech last night, it was on Donald Trump to do whatever was necessary to mend the relationship. Originally, Ted Cruz was the only GOP candidate that had anything nice to say about Donald Trump. If only Donald Trump were not such a small, petty man, he would have done it.

Re: This is on Trump

Ted Cruz signed an oath to endorse the nominee. I'm sorry if he was so short sighted that he did not see that the primary may get ugly and personal at times. He's a politician and he should have known better! You sign a mortgage giving your oath that you are going to pay back the money. Does it matter if at some point in the future you loose your job, a family member gets sick, you fall behind on a payment and you get a harassing collection call? No, it doesn't give you the right to say, "I'm not going to pay the money back now". Ted should have done the honorable thing and followed through with his oath! He said during the primary that if nominated and elected he would do "exactly what he said he was going to do!" I guess he's proven that he won't do "exactly what he said he was going to do"!

Conflict and Compromise

Yes, I can see that Cruz was caught in a dilemma. His two options, if I may limit it to two options, 1. Hurt his family, vs. 2. Hurt the party and go against his promise. He made the wrong choice. His only third option was to make profuse apologies, which a politician only does at extreme risk. Good luck. You will need it.

a liberal response

This is on Cruz...end of story. No amount of spin from Cruz operatives is going to revive his political career. It was Cruz's super PAC that published Melina's model photos first. Trump responded with a photo of Cruz's wife. Cruz used as many names as Trump did during the campaign. He doesn't get a pass.

If Trump was small and petty, he never would have allowed Cruz to speak much less at the prime hour. You're entitled to your own opinion but not to your own facts.