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An Olivia de Havilland Story, Excerpted From The Journals of FBI Agent W. Cleon Skousen

Olivia De Havilland
We have the honor of publishing this fascinating and previously unpublished story of how Olivia de Havilland went from useful idiot of the Hollywood communists to anti-communist FBI double agent courtesy of Mark and Jo Ann Skousen, compilers and editors of "There Were Giants in the Land:  Episodes in the Life of W. Cleon Skousen" (forthcoming).

From the forthcoming book "There Were Giants in the Land:  Episodes in the Life of W. Cleon Skousen."

Tonight, a TV special was about Olivia de Havilland, one of the stars in “Gone With the Wind.” I especially wanted to see this show because it portrayed Olivia de Havilland as I knew her when I was in the FBI.

Actually, Olivia and her sister, Joan Fontaine [a rival actress], were both active communists during World War II but J. Edgar Hoover was so impressed by her portrayal of the number two role in “Gone With the Wind” that he felt she might swing over to our side if she really understood what America had done for the world and how evil Communism had been from its inception.

I was liaison to the Hollywood studios at that time and Mr. Hoover requested that I make contact with her and see if we could swing her away from the Communist Central Committee to which Olivia was contributing rather large contributions each month.

I made an appointment to visit her at the beautiful home she and her sister had in Hollywood, but like all of the stars, they had a very pretentious mansion in front but lived in a condo-type of apartment in the rear.

I told Olivia how impressed Mr. Hoover had been with her portrayal in “Gone With the Wind,” and he felt that if someone refreshed her mind on the great record of America in fighting for freedom, and how oppressive Communism had been, she might want to help our side. She immediately assured me that the Communists were the best friends she ever had and nothing would induce her to turn against them.

Nevertheless, I asked her to let me tell her the American story so I could report back to Mr. Hoover that I had followed his instructions. With her permission I gave her a 45-minute summary of the great obstacles America had overcome to raise up the first free people in modern times. She remained unconvinced and said she would remain with her Communist friends who loved her. Nevertheless, she asked me to thank Mr. Hoover for his kindness and that was the end of the visit.

However, Olivia did not know that we already had a plant in the Communist Central Committee and this undercover agent had made a recording of all their proceedings. I went back to headquarters and listened to these tapes and found that when Olivia was absent, her fellow Communists called her old “money bags” and schemed different ways to get her to contribute to certain causes for which she would be a “sucker.”

After making a 30-minute transcription of their insulting remarks I took it back to Olivia and asked her to listen to it. I told her I would wait out on the porch until she had finished. She only listened to about 5 minutes and then came out on the porch swearing like a mule skinner. She said she would never go to their meetings again or send them any more money.

I told her there was one way she could get even with them. I suggested she made one more small donation and then furnish to us everything the Communist unions were planning to take over the studios. She agreed and when the latest plans were discussed on national TV as well as the press, I suggested she tell the Central Committee there must be a stool pigeon in the committee and she wouldn’t give them another cent until they found out who the stool pigeon was and got rid of him.

She agreed to help the FBI as a double agent and I sent a daily report of meetings of the Communist Party that were turned over to the Internal Security Committee of the Senate and the Communist plans for the takeover of Hollywood was broadcast coast to coast. I then suggested to Olivia that she tell the leaders of the party she wouldn’t give them another cent until they found out who the stool pigeon was that was leaking information to the Senate Internal Security Committee. They never guessed that it was her.

I worked with Olivia for some time and we succeeded in getting her to help us root out the Communist takeover of the film industry. She, herself, had been a Communist and that was why she was so effective as a double agent once she had been won over to our side.

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Mark Skousen's release of story about Olivia DeHavilland

Cleon Skousen is my favorite writer of the scriptures and warnings to Americans about our traitors in government. I enjoyed reading this story about a time when he was in the FBI. How I wish he was in charge of it now! His books The Naked Communist,The Naked Capitalist should be required reading by everyone of voting age before November. Oh how I miss him. Cleon and Ezra Taft Benson, were very much alike. They both saw the federal government up close and personal. President Benson wrote The Red Carpet,A Witness and a Warning that are excellent books. I look forward to your release of There were Giants in The Land. After reading Mark and Joel Skousen's writings it is easey to see the impact Cleon made in their thinking. Keep up the good work! David Anderson

But they have taken over

Despite the efforts of J. Edgar Hoover, W. Cleon Skousen, and Olivia de Havilland, the communists have taken over Hollywood. And the Universities. And the Newsrooms. And the Democrat party. And the school boards....