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GOP Caving on Pursuit of Climategate

By Timothy Birdnow

It looks like Dana Rohrabacher won't become chairman of the House Science and Technology Panel.

According to Politico

Ralph Hall is poised to become the next chairman of the House Science and Technology Committee after fending off a challenge from California Republican Dana Rohrabacher.

Hall, 87, on Tuesday won the endorsement of the GOP panel tasked with selecting chairmen, a member of the steering committee told POLITICO. The recommendation will go before the full caucus Wednesday, but the vote is seen as little more than a formality.

This is too bad; another sign that the GOP will lose their way once they are ensconced in power. 

Rohrabacher would have aggressively pursued Climategate, and it is likely that Michael Mann from Penn State would have had to come clean. 

Mann is, of course, one of the key players in Climategate. He is the man who invented what Phil Jones called "Mike's nature trick" to "hide the decline,” and the "hockey stick" graph that was so influential in the United Nations IPCC reports. The graph was later debunked by Steve McIntyre through reverse engineering. (Mann wouldn‘t divulge his methodology.)

Hall would likely be too soft to go after this cabal. He is described in the Politico article as “one of the nicest, most decent guys in our caucus,” which means he will likely be too gentlemanly to really go after these charlatans. 

Remember, huge amounts of taxpayer dollars went to fund Mann and others who are alleged to have been systematically distorting data to milk the system for more money. And Hall—a former Democrat turned Republican in 2004—at the advanced age of 87, may not have the stamina to pursue with all vigor.

The article goes on to say:

Hall’s expected appointment as Science chairman will likely be seen as the lesser of two evils among proponents of efforts to slash greenhouse gas emissions. Both Hall and Rohrabacher have expressed doubts about the science linking manmade carbon dioxide emissions to global warming, but Rohrabacher is seen as a more aggressive skeptic than his Texas colleague. 

“Dana would be out to disprove the theory,” said outgoing Rep. Bob Inglis (R-S.C.), who is the current ranking member on the Science Energy and Environment Subcommittee. “Ralph would likely not ... be as animated in his pursuit of the destruction of climate science.”

And the theory has largely BEEN disproven—at least in the apocalyptic version pushed on America by certain alarmists, environmentalists, and the media. 

There has been no warming of the Earth for at least 15 years, for example, which is absolutely impossible under the alarmist theory. The alarmist theory calls for positive feedbacks, which should mean a rise in temperatures that advances exponentially. 

"Punctuated Equilibrium" for climate warming just isn't in any of the theories, and the computer models do not predict this. They also predict most warming in the tropical troposphere—something that isn't happening in any serious way.  Ditto ocean warming.  Ditto Antarctic sea ice melt. 

A theory that fails to predict reality is an exploded theory, yet the media continue to push forward as though nothing happened because the "climate scientists" continue to do so, and they do so because huge amounts of money are involved, plus the age-old wish of scientists to be more relevant. 

All that is needed is a nudge, a gentle push to the raw data to make it fit the models a little better—which is what happened at the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (CRU) and likely at the Goddard Institute of Space Science (GISS) as well. A few key people nudged the data to distort the models that made Anthropogenic Global Warming seem believable. 

We now know this to be true, thanks to the leaked e-mails from the CRU. THAT is what Congress must investigate. 

This appears to be a huge crime; grand larceny, ultimately. Racketeering, too; demands for a carbon trading system is a protection racket of the first order, something far beyond the criminal mind of an Al Capone. These are crimes that Congress must investigate zealously, and prosecute to the fullest extent.

Unfortunately, the GOP is showing its soft underbelly already, putting Hall in the all-important Science chair. This is a job for a strong prosecutor, not for a smiling consensus builder. 

That the GOP has caved here suggests they may well cave whenever and wherever it matters. 


Timothy Birdnow is a conservative writer and blogger and lives inSt. Louis Missouri. His work has appeared in many popular conservative publications including but not limited to The American Thinker, PajamasMedia, Intellectual Conservative and Orthodoxy Today, as well as the college textbook Internet Censorship; Protecting Citizens or Trampling Freedoms?


Tim is a featured contributor to American Daily Review and has appeared as a Guest Host on the Heading Right Radio Network. Tim’s website is Timothy can be reached at: [email protected]

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