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11 Weeks To Kill The Most Dangerous International Treaty Ever Proposed

Most Americans are probably unaware that Joe Biden and Leftwing bureaucrats at the State Department and the Centers for Disease Control are quietly working with the Red Chinese dominated World Health Organization to institute a worldwide system of digital health passports that would negate American sovereignty and destroy our constitutional liberties.

This threat comes from two international legal agreements currently working their way through the World Health Organization (WHO): a new pandemic treaty, and amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations, both due to be put before the governing body of the WHO, the World Health Assembly, in May just eleven weeks from now.

Our friend human rights champion Reggie Littlejohn has denounced the W.H.O.’s proposed Global Pandemic Treaty as “the greatest threat to freedom the world has ever faced.” Speaking at a press conference on Capitol Hill back in February, Littlejohn said the Pandemic Treaty is not a public health issue at all, but rather “an instrument to introduce Chinese-style totalitarianism to the United States and worldwide.”

And the Biden administration has already signaled a willingness to go along with these international agreements – even to the point of ignoring the constitutional requirement that they be submitted to the United States Senate of their advice and consent.


Fortunately, Biden’s attempt to stealthily give away American sovereignty and ignore the requirements of constitutional governance is being opposed by a growing “Sovereignty Coalition” of which is a founding member.


Our goal is to get the United States of America out of the Red Chinese dominated World Health Organization and to restore and defend American sovereignty. To that end we urge CHQ readers and friends to join us in signing the American Sovereignty Declaration and participating in the campaign to make members of Congress aware of the threat and oblige them to act to protect our constitutional liberties by refusing to approve or fund a new pandemic treaty and amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations.


Here is the text of the Sovereignty Coalition’s American Sovereignty Declaration and a link to the signature site:

It’s Time for America to Exit the W.H.O.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a supranational United Nations agency that is effectively controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as evidenced, among other things, by the manner in which the WHO’s Director-General, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, has relentlessly accomplished Beijing’s bidding. That includes advancing the CCP’s interest in bringing about a post-Constitutional-America and “global governance” dominated by the Party. The CCP’s hegemonic ambitions have no place for a powerful United States of America, human freedom or personal sovereignty.


The WHO is, moreover, underwritten and malignly influenced by other hostile special interests, including Bill Gates and Big Pharma. Their efforts to expand the WHO’s supranational control align with Beijing’s. If they are no more concerned than the CCP with actually advancing public health, Gates and his fellow corporate globalists exploit their roles with the World Health Organization to generate profits.


These factors make it hardly surprising that, in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the WHO lied about the nature, origins and effective responses to the Wuhan Virus. The “China Model” of lockdowns, masks and vaccine mandates and digital enforcement mechanisms was endorsed. And the WHO approved the use of expensive and inadequately tested gene therapies as “vaccinations” and the suppression of readily available, effective and inexpensive treatments. Thanks in part to such misconduct, the pandemic has resulted in the deaths of over a million Americans and many more elsewhere around the world, an untold number of whom perished needlessly.


Given the WHO’s appalling record, it is outrageous that the Biden administration is working to give the WHO and its Director-General more power over sovereign nations, including the United States. Yet, U.S. government officials are actively negotiating amendments to existing International Health Regulations and a new treaty governing future pandemics. These accords would effectively repose in Dr. Tedros the authority unilaterally to dictate what constitutes an actual or potential Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) and to order how affected nations must respond.


The Biden administration has no intention of honoring the U.S. Senate’s constitutional role in treaty-making by submitting such assaults on our sovereignty for its advice and consent. Moreover, the Senate has voted not to require such treatment for these agreements.


In the hands of the CCP and its friends, that authority would allow enemies of this country, foreign and domestic, to deprive Americans of their constitutional rights and other statutory protections. The WHO’s Director-General may deem, for example, gun violence, climate change, problems afflicting plants or animals and so-called “disinformation” to be causing so-called public health emergencies.


Such a surrender of national sovereignty over public health would be bad enough. In practice, however, it will translate into a loss of personal sovereignty, as well, notably as a result of WHO directives that may interfere with individual patients’ treatment by their physician. That has already occurred as a result of mere advisories issued by the World Health Organization. Much worse is surely in store if such a malevolent organization could in the future order governments and medical practitioners to administer problematic “vaccinations” and other drugs or withhold less risky and more efficacious treatments.


What the WHO has euphemistically dubbed its “One Health” approach would directly interfere with the patient-physician relationship by dictating the way physicians diagnose and treat individuals in their care. The WHO would have the authority to require medical examinations and proof of mandated vaccinations in the form of a digital “vaccine passport.” It could require governments and physicians to implement contact tracing, quarantine, and specific treatments, including forced vaccination. And through a system of “Global Health Certificates,” the World Health Organization seeks to institute a system of digital documentation, including certificates for tests, vaccinations, other prescribed preventative measures, recovery and even travel.


As a means of institutionalizing such certificates and accessing the data they contain, the WHO and its masters envision compelling the universal adoption of digital health IDs. Americans have already experienced how such “vaccine passports” can be used to enforce “jab” mandates and otherwise control individuals’ movements, activities and access to food, employment, education, finances, places of worship, etc. The Communist Party has honed such totalitarian techniques into a “Social Credit System” inside the PRC and is now working to export it worldwide.


Once combined with an interoperable, global Central Bank Digital Currencies (also under development and backed by the Chinese Communist Party, the Biden administration, the World Economic Forum, World Bank, G20, and other supranational globalist organizations), the WHO could enforce its medical tyranny by severing unvaccinated individuals from their bank accounts and credit cards. They would thus be trapped in a “digital gulag” unless and until they comply with whatever protocol the WHO deems advantageous to its CCP-influenced interests.


For all these reasons, we the undersigned declare that the United States must end its membership in, cease funding of and submitting to the World Health Organization before the WHO is granted the authority effectively to compel compliance with the public health dictates of Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus or any other unelected, unaccountable international bureaucrat.


As Molly Kingsley explained in a March 29, 2023 commentary for the Brownstone Institute, it is hard to overstate the impact of these proposals on Member States’ sovereignty, individual human rights, foundational principles of medical ethics, and child welfare. As currently drafted, these proposals would deny American sovereignty and governmental autonomy over health and social policies and, through the indirect impacts of forced lockdowns and quarantines and because each Member State would be required to commit a staggering minimum of 5 percent of national health budgets and an as yet unspecified percentage of GDP towards the WHO’s pandemic prevention and response, also over critical aspects of economic policy.


The proposed new powers would cut across not only the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but also the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. They would signal a new watershed in our understanding of cornerstone human rights: an express amendment to the IHR deletes language currently reading “[t]he implementation of these Regulations shall be with full respect for the dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of persons” to replace it with a nebulous confirmation that “[t]he implementation of these Regulations shall be based on the principles of equity, inclusivity, coherence …”


And we all have seen and should now understand that “equity and inclusivity” don’t mean “equality before the law” rather they mean the parceling out of benefits based on perceived historical grievances.


We urge CHQ readers and friends to join us in demanding that Congress preserve American sovereignty by formally leaving the World Health Organization and thereby denying it the purported authority to infringe the constitutionally guaranteed rights and liberties of American citizens.

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14. März

Elections have consequences; stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

How true. I still cannot believe people voted for Bite Me. I've hated him since he sabotaged Robert Bork's Supreme Court nomination in 1987.

Gefällt mir

The WHO is NOT the problem, they are merely a symptom of the problem, as are the WEF, the IMF the World Bank and many others, all are a product of the UN and ALL need to go!

The UN is the Hydra, cut off one head and two more will grow out of the stump!

Senator Mike Lee introduced the latest version of a bill, that has not been passed in previous congressional sessions, which he named the “Disengaging Entirely from the United Nations Debacle (DEFUND) Act.” If it were to become the law, it would accomplish just what the Society has advocated for decades - to" Get US Out! Of the UN." 

We all need to loudly support…

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

Unfortunately, many in the Senate and the House do not know what is in the Constitution, and many of them want to get rid of it altogether.

Gefällt mir

Congress is in the Deep State globalist trick bag. They cannot even pass a balanced budget--and now we expect to take this on . . . dream on, folks!

Gefällt mir

Jeff B
Jeff B
14. März

The UN and all the Davos people are going to try to take away all of our sovereignty before Trump gets back into office (once we get by all the cheating and lies). They call themselves a "supranational" organization, which makes them sound bigger than God. They have to be stopped and the US must leave the communists-bent UN. Yes, we need to divide the world. This would only cause conflict, but it is coming, one way or the other and we might as well have things in place before all hell breaks loose.

Gefällt mir
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