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A Soros-Backed GOP Speaker of the House?

Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has endorsed Rep. Tom Emmer, House Majority Whip and Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, to succeed him as Speaker. In his endorsement McCarthy apparently forgot to mention that

Emmer was formerly a paid spokesman for the National Popular Vote initiative, a pet project of Far-Left billionaire and Nazi collaborator George Soros.

Setting aside Emmer’s lackluster performance as head of the House GOP election committee, the Soros association is one of those “you can’t make this up” moments that explains the sorry state of the Republican Party’s DC establishment.

As our friends at the Gateway Pundit documented, Emmer wasn’t just some behind the scenes flack – he was the public face of the anti-conservative organization.

Back when Emmer was running for Whip the New York Post reported, “Emmer is supposed to be the guy who helps us win elections and cares a lot about the party,” a Republican member of Congress who does not support Emmer said on the condition of anonymity. “This is going to cause issues for him inside the conference.”

However, with McCarthy’s support Emmer prevailed over his more conservative opponents, now it looks like history may repeat itself if conservatives don’t speak-up in favor of conservative alternative Byron Donalds.*

Hans von Spakovsky, a former Republican member of the Federal Election Commission and leader of the conservative Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative, said that there’s a reason for the Electoral College, which forces candidates to focus on appealing to swing-state voters across the country rather than major population centers.

“Anyone who supports the National Popular Vote plan has either contempt for, or a basic ignorance of, our federal system and the very careful structure that the Framers of the Constitution set up to ensure that more rural, less populated states are not ignored by individuals running for president,” von Spakovsky said.

The initiative was overwhelmingly financed by Democratic donors, according to the conservative Capital Research Center’s Influence Watch, which noted a $1 million contribution from a Soros foundation.

The good news is that Politico reported former President Donald Trump has privately conveyed to allies on that he does not back House Emmer’s bid for speaker, throwing another wrench into the DC Uniparty’s effort to pick the next person to hold the Speaker’s gavel.

Trump’s conversations come as Emmer has begun privately expressing his interest in the post. The Minnesota Republican, who has been making calls to fellow lawmakers, has emerged as an early frontrunner, having received the endorsement of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

But a sustained offensive from Trump, if one materializes, could spell doom, as any candidate for the job can only afford to lose a handful of votes, observed

Emmer’s team has worked hard to swat down suggestions that the Minnesota Republican is on a different page than Trump, however, the Washington Post reports that Trump has indeed given the green light for MAGA world to attack Emmer.

However, as this chart shows, on issues of importance to Team MAGA, Emmer has the worst record of any of the nine announced candidates for Speaker.

TIME Magazine reports that, in addition to his Soros connections, MAGA World’s grievances against Emmer are manifold: Emmer voted to certify Joe Biden’s 2020 election. As the head of the National Republican Congressional Committee in 2022, he reportedly implored Republican candidates in the midterms to distance themselves from Trump. And he’s been telling GOP donors that he won’t support Trump’s 2024 presidential primary campaign. “You can’t have the majority leader of the Republican Party being very anti-Trump and against his agenda,” one source close to Trump tells TIME. “That’s just not going to work. There’s no trust there.”

Rep. Byron Donalds is not part of the Swamp, as is GOP Whip Tom Emmer, and he’s never made compromises with the Swamp, as have some of the other candidates, otherwise good men that they are.

To find a candidate that can get 217 votes, Republicans are going to have to choose among those who did not vote in favor of vacating the Chair to remove former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. To our way of thinking Rep. Byron Donalds is the only real change agent among those whose name has been floated and he’s the right person to unify the fractious GOP Conference behind a “keep our promises” agenda.

The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call today and tell your Representative you want a real constitutional conservative as Speaker – and that real constitutional conservative is Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida.

*Rep. Donalds has already gained the endorsements of Members across the entire ideological spectrum of House Republicans, including several who held-out against conservative Jim Jordan.

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"... In his endorsement McCarthy apparently forgot to mention that Emmer was formerly a paid spokesman for the National Popular Vote initiative, a pet project of Far-Left billionaire and Nazi collaborator George Soros. ..."

and yet ANOTHER reason why i NEVER wanted mccarthy as the House Speaker AND why i am glad that he was removed. BUT removing one cancer from the Speaker's position only to replace him with another cancer is NOT a solution. we DESPERATELY NEED a REAL conservative in this spot!!


This is a clown show. We may as well elect a Democrat speaker . . . !

Mike M
Mike M
Oct 25, 2023
Replying to

I've looked at his record. And while it could be improved we could certainly do worse. Right now all we can do is hope and pray for the best.


Don't know how the Republicans in the House chose Emmer. He doesn't represent Conservative's Values. Another very poor decision by McCarthy. Donalds is the best choice to get COMMON SENSE Leadership in the House.


Mike M
Mike M
Oct 24, 2023

In other words, Tom Emmer doesn't have the moral honesty or integrity to change his name to Judas Iscariot.


Oct 24, 2023

So this demon has been behind the scenes helping McCarthy destroy the Republic. Why show his head now? The -rats must be desperate....or they just don't care and are in you face not worried about elections anymore. Un-freakin'-believable.

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