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ALG’s Rick Manning: The battle over vaccine passports is here.

Last week we told you about the 18 surveillance state Republicans who are supporting the Trojan Horse “infrastructure” bill with its billions of dollars for new surveillance technology,

but our friend Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government (ALG), just alerted us that the situation is much worse than we thought.

ALG has one of the best conservative Capitol Hill intel networks there is and in a recent email Mr. Manning delivered this wake-up call about the Left’s drive to create and implement vaccine passports:

Excerpts from the email:

Liberals desperately want the power to force you to carry your medical information around with you in order to eat out, see a movie or go to the gym.

They want the power to force you do whatever they want in order to get a job, see your grandkids or simply have fun.

New York is already instituting vaccine passports and mandates.

International corporations will surely support this effort.

And please understand, even if you live in a state that already has laws against vaccine passports and mandates, the Biden-Harris regime and the leftists in Congress WILL force your state to repeal those laws by cutting off federal funding and coercing big corporations to impose them regardless of state law.

And you must enlist the help of everyone you know in this national campaign.

Forward this email around. Post on social media.

Do whatever you have to do.

As you may have heard on the radio, I’m already making the rounds on conservative talk shows raising the alarm.

In New York there are already two government-approved vaccine passport “apps” called Excelsior Pass and NYC Covid Safe.

Anyone who isn’t “approved” by these apps or who has official government paperwork will be BANNED from eating at restaurants, attending shows or going to the gym.

This is real. It is happening in America right now.

Once the passports are required, they WILL be used to record and regulate other activity as well.

And there is ZERO chance that Congress, and Biden-Harris won’t make this program a national requirement if we don’t stop them today.

NOTE: ALG has created a great tool to make it easy to send an email to your Congressional delegation, which you can access through this link

This is the fastest way to stand up to this Big Brother vaccine passport mandate madness.

So please ask everyone you know to also send emails.

Every elected official at every level of government must understand that the American people won’t stand for this unconstitutional madness.

PLEASE act now.

ALG’s sources on Capitol Hill and in the states are telling us that the left wants vaccine passports and mandates more than almost any of their other crazed socialist policies.

The battle over vaccine passports is here.

And you and I must take a stand now.

Back in March we explained the threat from vaccine passport technology and how it would be used to create a Communist Chinese-style surveillance state and social credit system.

In our March 30, 2021, article “No Vaccine Passports” we wrote:

…the clearest clarion sounded against “vaccine passports” that we’ve yet seen didn’t come from a conservative (though there have been some good ones) it came from the somewhat tarnished academic and former Clinton advisor Naomi Wolf.

In a lengthy Twitter thread you can read through this link Dr. Wolf said that vaccine passports will be the “absolute end of the line for human liberty in the West.”

And she’s right.

As Dr. Wolf explained, “Once you agree to this platform any functionality can be loaded into it turning off and on access to society, goods, information, movement, based on your behavior.”

It’s not about virus, or even vaccine; it’s the data, said Wolf. “The vaccine is an excuse, a Trojan Horse, to get you to agree to a platform that is ALREADY 360-degree surveillance, geolocation, turns society off and on.”

Once this platform is ‘mandated’ you can no longer opt in or out of out as you do when you sign ‘I agree’ to terms and conditions on a website, warned Dr. Wolf.

You will be FORCED to ‘agree’ in order to work, socialize, travel, tweeted Dr. Wolf. “Then any functionality - social credit system that turns PayPal off and on based on your social media behavior, or restricts you to your home based on whether you saw ‘dissidents’, which it will know, or a forbidden play the night before, can be loaded onto it with NO PROBLEM, w/o any additional consent from you which you can’t revoke anyway.”

Finally, Dr. Wolf unrolled an historical analogy to how the Nazis created their databases of potential victims:

Lastly and as the granddaughter of a woman who lost brothers and sisters to the Holocaust, I don’t say this lightly: IBM is producing the NYS version. IBM’s German subsidiary in Nazi Germany built the forerunner of a digitized system like this, using punch cards, that first did exactly what ‘Vaccine Passport’ proposes - it separated Nazi Germany into a two-tier society, Jew and Aryan, using the technology of the day. Then IBM created the mechanized lists that allowed Jews to be rounded up swiftly, efficiently. Exactly same system, updated.

But before that, Nazis created exactly what ‘Vaccine Passports’ explicitly promise: separation of society into two tiers: the ‘clean’ (privileged, with access) and ‘unclean (restricted, stigmatized, marginalized). There is no going back once this platform unrolls; no escape.

Naomi Wolf is right – it’s not the vaccine, it’s the data, and once this platform rolls out there is no escape from the creation of a two-tiered society in which access to the joys and pleasures of modern life, and perhaps even its basic necessities will be withheld from those who are non-compliant and deemed unclean because they have refused to bow to the oligarchy’s demands.

The arguments against the “vaccine passport” are the same as those made against other government list-making, such as gun registration; it’s not the list, but what an anti-constitutional government will inevitably do with the data that is the threat.

The time to say NO to any kind of “vaccine passport” is NOW. We urge conservatives to use the ALG email tool to email their congressional delegation and to call the toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044) to tell their Representative and Senators that they will refuse to participate in any anti-constitutional vaccine passport scheme and to demand they act to prohibit the federal government from creating or assisting in the creation of such a liberty-destroying regimen.

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I signed the petition. I sent to some people I know. How about you?

Me gusta

09 ago 2021

I'd wager that this passport platform has been sitting in BOs desk since before Obamacare, just waiting for the right "crisis". You just know that scumsucking marxist is behind this.

Me gusta

Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
09 ago 2021

Guess what folks, joe Biden's CDC faces another law suit, for over stepping it's authority. National Association of Realtors issued that statement. Biden has militarized every branch of the government as an active arm of the democrat party. This is all against the laws of our Country, These are impeachable offenses, just as most of his executive orders are, this has become the administration of lawsuits, we have no leadership in the White House only a fool, bought paid for through corruption. If joe is trying to divide the Country, cause a revolution, he is doing a great job. CDC does make laws, only congress can do that not the White House or it's branches. When joe leaves for the…

Me gusta
Contestando a

Joe Biden is just a front man or puppet for some other players. He doesn't have the brain power to create all the mayhem that we're facing. Who the real culprits are is probably a fairly long list, but it includes names like Obama, Jerrett, Soros, Pelosi, Rice and a whole host of others. Add to that a number of lieutenants in the DOJ, DoD, and FBI among others and we face a big mess. Our Constitutional republic is in serious trouble if we don't find ways to get rid of some of these would-be dictators.

Me gusta
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